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4 tips when Looking for a Hammersmith Rental Property

Located in West London (W6) and close to Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith houses the offices of many large international companies, and offers good transport links, a varied selection of shops and cafes, and a prominent nightlife, being home to many theatres, the Hammersmith Apollo in particular. When looking for property to rent in this area, especially if you are moving to London for the first time or a first time tenant, these 4 tips can help you know what to expect and the best way to approach a rental situation.Who will rent you a propertyMost of the time, you’ll be dealing with estate agents when looking for rental properties, as they will act on behalf of the landlord. While it will be easier to find properties this way, be aware that renting through estate agents can be a bit more expensive, as they generally charge admin fees for drawing up the paperwork involved. You may also be required to pay a small holding deposit if you want to rent a property until the tenancy agreement is signed. Dealing with private landlords can often be advantageous as a result, because you probably won’t have to pay additional admin fees. These properties are harder to find, but sometimes knowing your landlord directly can be useful if you plan to rent long term.Costs of rentingInitially, you’ll need to pay one month’s rent and a security deposit, which is usually the same amount as a months rent. While it can seem expensive initially, you will get all of your security deposit back provided you didn’t cause any damage to the property during your tenancy. If you did, then any repair costs will be removed from the deposit. If you’re concerned about the deposit, find out who will be holding the money. Recently, it has become common practice for a third party to hold rental deposits in order to avoid exploitation by landlords and agents. Again, dealing with your landlord privately can be handy here, as you can normally come to agreements about these kind of things. You should also make sure you are given a copy of the inventory check once you’ve moved in (this details what the condition of items in the flat is prior to you moving in, and will be checked again when you move out).Tenancy Agreements Make sure you are totally clear about the requirements of your tenancy agreement. This is where you’ll find things like whether you are allowed pets, and generally what is expected of you as a tenant while renting the property. Don’t be intimidated by this, as often there seem to be a lot of requirements, but as long as you treat the property well and don’t damage anything, most agents and landlords will be happy. Whatever you do, don’t sign an agreement until you and your flatmates (if you are moving in with others) are completely happy with what is outlined. If you have any problems, raise them immediately with your agent/landlord. Living costs Generally speaking, you should expect to be responsible for the council tax, TV license, and all utility bills as well as the rent. While there are properties available that will include some of these bills (sometimes all!), they are quite hard to find and normally get filled very quickly. If you’re not sure of what to expect from bills, then ask your landlord or agent - they should be able to give you a rough idea of how much your outgoings will be each month. Be careful not to overextend yourself financially, as this can lead to getting stuck in a contract you can’t afford. For any queries regarding council tax, you can contact Hammersmith council directly.

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