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7 Ways To Search For A Rental Residence

It is possible to still feel the unmistakable thrill of a new endeavour even in something you have experienced several times already - moving. Yes, the residence hunt might easily become a major disappointment, and this at the very beginning of the moving process. Read further to learn about the usual and not so usual places to search successfully for a new place to live.  

1.  Modern
This one demands minimum labour on your part. Sit down in front of a computer and browse for an Internet site, or better, for several Internet sites, for a residence search in your country. This method also gives you a wide overview of the dynamics of the property market in the area, and you can compare prices, sizes, conditions, and opinions (since every Internet page has a forum these days).

2. Straight-forward
To save yourself the intellectual effort of reading unnecessary and/or irrelevant information about residential properties, you can just register with a good estate agency, explain exactly what your needs are, and leave the rest to the professionals. They shall search for a residence of a matching size, location and price, and even arrange for you to see it at a time that suits you. Isn't it beautiful type of resolution!

3. Small-scale
Local printed materials, such as newspapers, magazines, and free brochures, can offer some buried treasures of places to let. Those advertisements are usually put out by older people or people who care about personal contact. When contacting them, behave, and don't be rude or hurried because they will count on that first impression of you.

4. Old-fashioned
Walk through the neighbourhood you want to live in, and pay attention to advertisements on message boards. These can still be seen in supermarkets, universities, bus stops, and other public places. This way of finding a residence is rather slow and uncertain, so you should combine it with another one, but it can also offer you really advantageous residences in the area, if you act fast enough. Often, shortly after distributing those messages, tenants and landlord tend to turn to another way to promote their rental property.

5. Active
Instead of contacting people who offer rental properties, you could have them contact you. This is how it works - you post an advert with your preferences online or in a newspaper (or better yet, both). After that you wait for potential landlords to call. This option is nice, but also not reliable enough, so if you are in a hurry, it is better use one or more of the other options to find a place as well.

6. Overheard
The really good places never get to the Internet or a newspaper or an estate agency because they are passed from tenant to tenant. In order to get to such a great flat or house, you have to know the landlord or the previous tenant, or at least know someone who knows one of them. To make the contact possible, spread the word that you are searching for a place among everyone you know, including the the library lady, the postman, the priest in your church, the personnel of the supermarket and everyone who crosses your way. You never know when a potential landlord will hear about you.

7. Unconventional
A rather new trend these days is the residential switch. This is when you switch your residence for someone else's that is in another area, neighbourhood or city. You contact both landlords and relocate sparing everyone involved the additional trouble. This trend is common in big cities, because people are often forced to relocate for job-related reasons. Advertise your case on a suitable website, and maybe you will find someone with the opposite problem, willing to switch rental flats or houses with you.

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