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A Student's Guide to Moving House

If you’re a student it’s likely you’re going to be moving house at least twice before the end of your degree, so you’d better get used to the moving process! If you completed your first year in student accommodation and you’re about to move into your first house-share, then there are a lot of things you’ll need to think about before moving day. Have a look at these hints and tips to keep you prepped and ready for the big move. -    Once you’ve found your new place, you’ve sorted your housemates and you’re pretty certain you can afford to travel to Uni and back, it’s time to start setting up the things you’re going to need. Does your new home have internet access already? Is the price included in your rent? If there is no internet access, will you have to cover the cost of installing a phone line? These are all questions you need to be asking before you move in – especially if you’ll be needing the internet to reach a few last-minute deadlines! -    Next comes sorting out your bills. If your bills aren’t included in your rent then you need to make sure you set up a bank account from which your household utilities can be paid. Come up with a payment plan so that your housemates all contribute the right amount to the account at the right time of the month! This can get a little tricky, especially when it comes to forming friendships and money, so try to work out the logistics before things can go wrong. -    Since you’re a student you’re exempt from council tax, but this doesn’t mean that you can just stand idly by and do nothing. You’ll need to provide documentation from your university to prove that you are a student, otherwise you’ll start getting council tax bills straight to your door. Again, try to make this happen before you move, or at least have the documents ready to send off to avoid the inevitable later hassle! -    If you’re struggling to get all your books, clothes, bags and DVDs into your car, try not to panic! It might be worth taking the time to hire a man with a van. Chances are you’ll be able to find one willing to give you student discount, just have a look for adverts around your university campus or local newsagents. Try to find someone you can trust – go off of the recommendations of friends rather than whoever gives you the lowest quote! Be wary of moving scams too, do your research into a company before signing any agreements. Make sure you read any and all the fine print, especially when it comes to insuring your possessions during the move. -    Check with your old landlord or housing accommodation officer to find out exactly what’s required of you when you leave. You might need to provide documentation so that you are contactable at your new address. -    Make sure you thoroughly clean your old property – your deposit depends on it! Landlords and university accommodation can both be stingy when it comes to returning your deposit, so try to get the place as close to perfect as you can before you leave. Don’t forget to clean fixed appliances like the cooker, as well as the microwave! -    When it comes to your new home, try to make a list of all the damages you can find. Get your landlord to verify them as well, so you won’t get blamed at the end of the year for issues you didn’t create!

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