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Do Away With The Stresses Of Student Removal Day

Moving house at the end of each academic term, constantly toing and froing from your parent’s house to your term time address can be a real pain for everybody involved. It’s not an ideal situation to have to contend with, but some universities will make their student do this all the same. The end of term just happens to coincide with the busiest period in the academic calendar for students, with coursework deadlines to meet, exams to sit and essays to hand in. Therefore, if you feel like your stress levels are mounting, do whatever little bit you can to ease the pressure that’s been gradually building up inside you, and get your moving day sorted well in advance. Check out these hints and tips, and over time, you’ll find yourself with one less thing to worry about.

1.    Decide what you’re going to take.
Don’t take absolutely everything you own to your term time accommodation. If you’re staying at your parent’s house during the holidays, keep most of your belongings there and only take the bare necessities back with you. It’s tempting to take a lot to your term time accommodation, to make it as homely as possible, but at the same time you don’t want to clutter up your rooms, which will be detrimental to your studying environment. Taking less will also reduce the cost of hiring a removal van, which can only be a good thing.

2.    Create a moving checklist.
With it being so busy and with things building up to a crescendo this time of year, creating a checklist will hopefully help you to get things in order. Writing your tasks down in order of importance will make then seem very real and should make you want to begin putting a plan into action to start ticking them off.  Stick the list somewhere you’ll regularly see it, on your fridge or mirror for example, and then you can begin prioritising and organising different aspects of your move.

3.    Book a removal company.
If you’re lucky enough to have mum and dad come and pick you up at the end of term, then great. But if you’ve got a long way to travel back home and you don’t have anyone you can call upon to give you a helping hand, the logical thing to do would be to book a moving company. Do plenty of research before making a booking. Call up different moving companies, tell them the details of your move and what you require from their services, get some price estimates and then make your decision.

4.    Man and van hire.
If you’re not planning to take everything you own when moving into your accommodation, it’s definitely worth considering hiring a man and a van service. If you’re after cheap removals, these companies are absolutely perfect and will provide you with a cheap and cheerful service.

5.    Packing.
Don’t pack in haste. Although it may be tempting to just bung everything into boxes and carrier bags to save time, do this and it will increase the risk of potential damages during the transportation process. Pack everything thoroughly, especially your valuable items such as laptops and other electronic items. Many companies will also be able to provide you with packing materials, which you may be able to get at a discounted price if you bulk buy of hire multiple services from the same company, so be sure to ask about packing services when making your calls.

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