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Finding the Right Man and Van for your Needs

When it comes to doing a smaller move, of a flat or a small house, say, the man and van is the perfect service. You will find that there are so many issues that can be solved by the humble man and van, because there are so many different kinds of service out there! Getting the right man and van for your needs is essential, otherwise you may well find that you are overcharged, or under equipped for the job at hand, which would be a real pain either way. The fact of the matter is that you have to spend a little time doing your research and detective work to be sure about your choices. You need to know that there are no hidden costs when making your calculations, and you should be dead sure of your winner, as otherwise doubt may make you worried during the process. First off, think about the way in which you want to pay. This will come down to the length of the move, and how well you know the timings of the job. Some man and van services will ask for payment by the hour, whilst others will charge a full fee for the whole job. The former will be cheaper than the latter, but will not take in to account the potential for unseen hold ups like traffic and other similar issues. If you are aware of the traffic in the area, and you know how long it should take to do the driving and loading, then the hourly rate could mean savings for you, which is great. if you would rather be fully aware of how much you are going to pay, then it is perhaps worth going with a service that does a flat fee. Be aware that many hourly rates that seem cheap will have extra charges that are less obvious. The standard charge in London tends to be around twenty five to thirty pounds per hour, but there are services that offer a rate of fifteen pounds. This is rarely the case, as they ask for extras for helping with the loading, as well as a charge per hour for fuel and sometimes even add on costs for going up stairs! You need to ensure that the cost is final before you can weigh up your different options. When you’re looking for the man and van for your job, look in less obvious places. Think about institutions that may use a man and van service regularly, and ring them up for recommendations. Often, as popular man and van with good rates will not advertise, as they have a core of regular clients that use them and recommend them. Try ringing up rehearsal rooms, garages, furniture stores and other places that need to move large things around a lot. They will hopefully be able to suggest people to you. Look in the local ads, and do not go with the first result that comes up on the internet. You will find that many companies have a pretty soulless approach to the business, and you will rarely get a great deal or service from them. The real winners are those who advertise in a personal way, so that you almost get to know them as people before you even call them up. These are the people who will go the extra mile to ensure that your move is a good one, and that you are always happy with the job that they are doing, because customers are important to them.

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