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Hiring Cheap Movers to Relocate on a Budget

We all know that hiring a home removal company makes the entire shifting process so much easier. Packing up and moving items is possibly the biggest concern when you shift from one house to another, so to be able to delegate the responsibility to someone else means a great load will be lifted off your shoulders.

Given the choice, probably every family would choose to hire a home removal company to manage their shifting. But not everyone can, given that professionals can be expensive. And if you are working on a tight budget, there will be a myriad of other expenses to meet, without incurring the costs of hiring someone to pack and move for you.

If you have a tight budget, but you do want to hire the services of a removal company, don't despair just yet. There are tons of neat tricks with which you can contract professionals without spending a lot!

The first step to saving lots of money is in getting rid of anything you don't really need. The more things you have, the more packing there will be for the team to do. As you are probably aware, you are charged on the basis of how many items you have and the packing materials used, along with the services charges for the labour provided. So, before you ask for a quote, take a really good look around the house and set aside the things you do not really need.

We all tend to hold onto things over the years, and while they may be of some sentimental value, you should only keep things you need, and a few that really matter. Give things away to friends and family, hold a sale and donate everything you don't need. You'll feel good, make some money and save a ton on moving expenses!

Moving specialty items can add hundreds to your total bill. Most companies have to make special arrangements for transporting specialty items, which means they are going to charge you a lot more than if it was just regular household stuff that had to be shifted. For instance, if you have a piano or you have motorcycle or gym equipment that needs to be moved, you should ask for a quote for those things too. It might actually prove to be cheaper to hire trailer and drive these things separately on your own.
Plan your move during the off-season. Most people try to shift during the summer months, so May-July is usually the peak season for removal companies. This means you have almost no chance of negotiating with the removal team for a lower rate. If you can move during the winter months, when business is slow, you can probably get a really good deal.

Use your own cartons and cardboard boxes instead of buying them from the removal company. The bulk of the expense of hiring professional movers comes from having to pay for the packing materials. If you already have your own, you'll be shaving off a large fraction of the total bill. Be sure to check with the team beforehand to see if they are okay with the arrangement. Most should be, but there are companies that make a lot of profit this way, and might be reluctant to allow this option. If you move often, it makes a lot of sense to store packing materials for reuse. Imagine all the money you'll be saving every time!

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