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How Self Storage Facilities Can Help Office Movers

When a business moves its premises from one address to another, it is always because the move will afford the business an opportunity to grow or succeed or even stabilise. Even when the cause behind the move is seemingly negative, such as a shortage of funds and the current place being too expensive to maintain, the fact remains that moving to a new location is beneficial to the business and its owners. If you are moving your business to a new address, there are a lot of things you will need to take care of. These can range from hiring professionals to dissemble all your office appliances and reassemble them at the new location, hiring a team to pack and move all your office supplies with care to locating a firm that will provide insurance cover for the corporate move. In the midst of all these responsibilities, where do you place your office supplies until the new office is ready to hold them? Sometimes people have to vacate an address sooner than the new property is ready, and storing all the goods and items in the interim period can be a problem. Office supplies range from electronics to furniture, and are very expensive, so they need to be stored safely. In such a situation, a great solution is to hire a self-storage unit to keep all your office items safely in one place before you can have them shifted into the new office. Self-storage units are a fantastic way of ensuring that your all your office supplies are arranged neatly and safely and will be kept out of harm’s way while you can ready up the new space. Instead of piling things up somewhere where they could get damaged, you will be able to rent out a storage unit that is the size you need for storing all your things. You will also be able to safeguard these items against theft, which is usually a major cause for worry during corporate moves. Another added advantage of self-storage units and why they are especially beneficial for businesses that are mid-move is that they are usually equipped with the kind of facilities you need to have a mini-office running. So, even if business operations are temporarily suspended, depending on the kind of storage unit you rent out, you will be able to plug in a computer, or few, and access the Internet, and maybe do a little work whenever you visit the storage facility to check up on your things. If you plan to be using the storage facility to work in, try to find one that offers Wi-Fi connections and also has services such as refreshments, common working areas and the suchlike. It makes small visits more productive and will give you an incentive to get some things done every time you visit. When you are hiring a self-storage unit to store your office supplies, a comprehensive insurance cover is an absolute must. Office supplies, as mentioned before, are very expensive, and should they be damaged or lost or stolen, your losses can run into the thousands. If you find a storage facility that specialises in corporate storage, an insurance cover is probably going to be a part of the package. However, if it is not, you can request the management for one and if that is not possible, make sure you get all your goods insured by an external reputable insurance company for the period they are in the storage facility. You do not want to take any chances where your business is concerned.

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