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Making the Most of Space when Packing for House Removals

Space is vital when moving home. You will find that things take up more space than you imagined. Items like sofas and chairs will take up vast amounts of space in vans or cars, so packing them in a space effective way is important. It’s not just large items you need to worry about. When collected together smaller items like DVDs and CDs will take you more space than you anticipate. Many people will throw things into random boxes and containers which can result with them using more storage space than is required.  These tips will give you suggestions on how to pack effectively to utilise the space in the containers and vehicles you use.Use a professionalRemoval companies often offer the service of packing your belongings for you. These companies specialise in utilising space in containers. They will make the most out of the boxes you have to hold items, they may also supply containers of their own, which can mean you don’t have buy or collect your own boxes. When the removal company packs for you they will also pack in a way that allows them to fit the most things possible into their van or truck. It may add a little more to the fee you will pay but they provide a peace of mind that everything has been packed correctly and in an effective way.Pack smartUsing boxes can be a brilliant way of moving collections of things from one house to another. The two main problems people face when packing into boxes is they either under pack leaving space that could be utilised more efficiently, or over pack meaning the box can split or rip under the strain of the weight. The best way to avoid both these problems is to pack things together in groups. For example have a box dedicated for just DVDs, this way you can find a way to fit them all in an efficient way to maximise the space. To make sure there is not too much in at any one time you should lift the box periodically to make sure it doesn’t start to give way under the strain. Ways you can add more weight to a box is to reinforce the joints and gaps with tape, or use plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes as these allow more weight to be carried at any one time. Know your sizesLarger items such as white items and furniture like sofas and chairs will take up more space inside of a removal van or truck. To ensure you can fit as much in as possible per trip to maximise the efficiency measure everything. If you know exactly how large your fridge and sofa are you can work out how much space they are going to take up in the vehicle and the new property. Integral to this arrangement is knowing the floor space of the vehicle and the property so you know you can fit the items in. Making a sketch of a floor plan once you know the dimensions can help you plan where to put things straight away so things don’t take up too much space. This can also help you lay out the positions of your furniture as soon as you move in so you don’t have to move heavy items more than once.

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