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Organizing The Closets After Your Move To SW18

Moving to the area of SW18 in London? This is the area that includes Southfields, Earlsfield and Wandsworth. There are many challenges when moving house, but one of the biggest ones is the after-move process. When it’s no longer about a robot-like packing and labeling of boxes, and you actually need to put some thought into the arranging, things tend to get tougher. The following guide will give you a few essential tips for organizing the closets after you move house. •    Assess the space: It’s important to define the purpose of each closet in the house before you start unpacking the clothing and footwear. Where is the closet positioned in the house? If it’s in a bedroom, you can also store blankets and pillows in it. If it’s in the hallway, its best to keep only jackets, coats, footwear, scarves, hats, gloves and umbrellas inside. This could be a considerable amount of items, especially if you have children. Decide which closet should be placed in the hallway and how much storage you need there. •    Get what you need: In order to make each closet space work well for your home, you first need to measure the rooms and perhaps buy some new products. Use wire shelves and hangers for more functional storage of clothes. Buy these new items from a local home store after the moving in, not before. With the right shelving the closets will be more convenient to use and keep well-organized. You can get permanent fixtures or some portable ones. There are special ones which are collapsible and actually hang from the top. This ensures extra storage for your t-shirts, sweaters and shirts. You can use bars or rods. Usually a typical closet has just one rod. If you install a second one you will double the amount of hanging space in the closet. Or you could use storage containers in various sizes and shapes. These are perfect for accessories, winter sweaters, sports gear and shoes. •    The Footwear: One of the best options is to buy a shoe rack in an adequate size, and thus sort out your shoes, especially the ones you are currently wearing. The off-season pairs can be stored in cabinets or under the beds. If you prefer to store shoes in their original shoe boxes, don’t forget to label them properly or at least use some kind of colourful sticker to indicate what is inside. This will save you the time to go through each one looking for a specific pair. Digging for a pair of shoes can take literally ages, especially when you have too many boxes that are kept in one place. •    Storage system: If you want to have well-organized closets all year round, you need a good and complete storage system that you can stick to. You can purchase a closet organizer system from a home store – one that will look best for your type of home and belongings. •    Hangers: Avoid using wire hangers, because they will misshape your clothes and can damage delicate clothing. The best hangers are wooden – in various sizes, according to the type of clothing.Just because you have recently moved house and you have plenty of tasks to take care of, doesn’t mean that your closets have to be messy and badly organized. Pay some attention to the storage of clothing and footwear and you will manage better than you thought.

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