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Problems that Could Cause Delays on Moving Day

Regardless of how much planning and scheduling goes into the removal day, despite the preparation and packing that has gone into make the move possible, there is always something that can go wrong, that can trip you up and delay your move.  It is only by highlighting what can go wrong that we can start to prepare ourselves for it, and that is where this article comes in useful.  Here you will find a list of potentially problematic things that could cause delays come moving day and ideas on how to best prepare for them. 1.    Adverse weather conditions:Never underestimate the impact the weather can have on your move.  If it is pouring down with rain or has snowed 20 inches overnight, you may find moving home much more difficult, especially if you haven’t prepared at all. Furthermore, bad weather could affect the journey route you have planned from the old to the new house.  The best thing you can do is to keep an eye on the weather forecasted for your moving day bearing in mind the closer you get to moving day the more likely it is to be accurate.  So how can you avoid carrying cardboard, non-waterproof, boxes through the rain or prevent skidding on ice as you try to load up your van?  Here’s how, regardless of the weather forecast always ensure you have umbrellas and waterproof clothing for you and all of your family, try to provide umbrellas for anyone else that is helping you to move too and if possible have some waterproof large sheets to hand to cover boxes and/or furniture with. If heavy rains are forecast and you have a gazebo, why not put this in your front garden so that it shelters the walk way between your home and where the removal van will be parked. If heavy snow has been predicted consider gritting the walk way between your front door and where the removal van will be parked before you go to bed the night before, and have some tools ready to dig a pathway for yourself should you need too.  Always keep additional warm clothes with you if it is forecast to snow, as you may get wet and want some dry clothes to change into.  2.    Problems with the planned route from the old to the new home:There are a number of things that could cause severe delays on your planned route from your old to your new home and back again, roads could even potentially be closed off completely, therefore it is a good idea to always have a secondary, alternative route ready to hand to the removal van driver should it be needed.  3.    Being unable to park close to your old or new house:Not being able to park the removal van close to the entrance of your home can cause major delays when it comes to loading and/or unloading your van.  If your van isn’t big enough to hold all of your things then you  4.    Human errors, especially mixing up dates and times, and reading this information incorrectly on pieces of information given to you.  Always double and triple check everything.5.    Pets, especially cats can cause a problem, especially if you let them outside.  They may hear the commotion in the house and see everything boxed up and may not come home, then what do you do, you can’t move home without your pet but you can’t wait around too long for them.  The best thing to do is keep your pet locked in a safe and secure room on moving day, with food and water, a bed and litter (if required), keep them safe and calm and before you are ready to load them into the van, put them securely into a pet carrier.

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