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Reassembling Your Furniture for the Removal

Probably the first thing that bothers individuals who are moving to a new place is the reassembling  and then the re-reassembling of their furniture -  desks, shelves, practically all parts of your furniture that can be reassembled and then re-reassembled once you arrive at the new place. The truth is that, having concerns about this is quite normal yet this is something very few people decide to take care of by themselves. And here comes the most logical question you are asking yourself: "Can I ask the movers to complete this job for me?" As a matter of fact this is one of the first questions people ask themselves when moving and the following article is aimed at answering this very question.

 Basically, the answer to the question is "yes, you can" and "yes, they will do". However the important question here is not they can reassemble your furniture but whether or not you wish them to do it. The following advices will help you take the decision. We will have a look at the different kinds of removals - in a short and a long distance (sometimes even out of the country).

The shorter kind of move is usually paid on an hourly basis. The longer the distance, the higher the price is. That is why if you decide to ask the movers to take apart the furniture for you, they will have to work longer, hence, they will charge you for a longer time. The factor you've got to take into consideration is whether these guys reassembling your desk or chair is worth paying.

The longer type of removal is very likely not to be completed in one day only and that is why the payment is calculated based on the type and quantity of your items. To put it simply - the movers who will reassemble your furniture are not the movers who will transport it to your new home. Hence you should ask yourself the following question: do you want movers who do not recognise the parts of your furniture to try to reassemble it? Or you can simply try and do it by yourself.

 One very essential factor to notice is that the people from the company will solely tack if they disassembled. They will not assemble the new furniture you have bought for yourself.

No matter how long the distance is you will definitely have to pay an extra charge for the service if you want the movers to reassemble your furniture for you. You are the only one who can decide whether you wish to pay a lot of or have faith in movers WHO might not have the required experience in the job they are doing. However, remember to have in mind the fact that they might find it difficult to reassemble the furniture as it is possible that they might not have the necessary skills or experience to do it. That is why ask them this questions in the very moment you are hiring the man and van company.

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