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Renting a flat - How Do You Do It?

First of all, you should know very well what flat you want to rent. While deciding this, you may consider the following three groups of parameters.

1st group: Area parameters
Under this group, you should take into account residential district, infrastructure facilities, surroundings and others factors like this.
If, for example, you don't have your own car and depend on public transport, then it's important that you consider transport facilities so that you are able to easily reach your home, place of work, city centre or other general locations.

2nd group: Building parameters
This group includes parameters related to the type of building in terms of material of construction, an old or a new block of flats, a small, medium or a big one and more.
Logically, the new buildings provide more freshness and contemporary design. Because of this, these would be a good choice for young people and young families. Also, if you are a person that needs a quieter place, then a small or medium-sized block would be the better choice for your personality.

3rd group: Flat features parameters
Definitely, Flat features related parameters are not less important than Area and Building parameters. Even based on personality and very often in practice, the 3rd group of parameters appears to be the most important and considered by the tenants.
Flat features parameters are: size of flat, design and functionality of flat, rooms available, exposure, furnished or non-furnished flat, heating system, floor, etc.
If the size of the flat is an important aspect for you but you don't know how to judge it, then visit it to get a feel for the space, making sure you don't feel claustrophobic in any of the rooms.
And if you strongly expect a sunny and warm home, then you must search for an apartment with south-facing exposure.
Have in mind the heating system, as this is related not only to your comfort but to bill payment, as well.

As soon as you get familiar with the flat you want, you will get ready to start searching for it.

How to do it?
The following 5 ways for searching and renting a flat are at your disposal:

1.    An Estate agency
You can pick up several agencies specialized in renting flats and houses. With the agents to be assigned to your search, you should discuss the flat you are looking for. Based on the information you provide to them, you will be given possible offers for flats to visit. Following the offers and progress of the search, you would decide whether to work with one or more of the estate agencies.
Keep in mind that in most of the cases this service is paid, not free of charge.
2.    Your own search on web sites specialized in real estate
You can find plenty of offers in these web sites. These offers may come from various sources - an estate agency, flat owner, investment or building company.
For those people who do not want to pay for an estate agency, the preferred choice should be to look for a flat through its owner but not an agent.

3.    Publishing an announcement for renting a flat
This can be done through various information sources, including: publishing on the Internet, in a magazine or newspaper, at certain and appropriate places near the streets, buildings and populated areas you are interested in.

4.    Exploring opportunities and availabilities through your friends and acquaintances
Who knows, some of your friends or acquaintances could also help you by personally renting a flat or knowing people searching for tenants. In order to explore this opportunity, the thing to do is to share with the people around you that you are about to rent a flat and what type of flat you need.

5.    Combining several methods of searching for better and faster success
If you need to rent a flat as soon as possible and explore more opportunities in order to assure that you will be able to find the best flat for you, then the option of combining searches should to be applied.

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