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Stress Free Unpacking Room by Room

Moving house can be an immense and elongated process, but it is also completely manageable and achievable when approached with a systematic method. The challenge can seemingly occur during the unpacking process when you are faced with an abundance of boxes in an empty house. Before packing everything away, consider creating a moving checklist to get the packing under control. Working room by room will enable you to feel in control during the moving process. Working With these ten steps, you can reduce the stress of unpacking and work through it in an organised manner.1.    Have a moving checklist or an inventory created while packing every before the move. Consult this during the unpacking process. Categorise it into each room and work through it in sections as you go to each room.2.    Unpack the essentials box for each room. For the kitchen, this may contain items such as food supplies and basic provisions, the kettle and toaster. For the bathroom, items such as toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste are likely to appear at this point.3.    Start in the kitchen. Line the cupboards first and unpack pots and pans. Get major appliances such as the fridge connected to make life easier.4.    For the bedroom, put beds together and unpack bedding linen. Make the beds early on so that you they will be ready when you’re ready to sleep.5.    Next is the bathroom. After the essentials box, unpack medications that you will need that night or in the morning, towels and shampoos and soaps. 6.    For the lounge room, family room and dining room areas focus just on furniture to start with. Set up furniture where you would like to go and then unpack smaller items around this. Connect electrical items such as a television as soon as possible as chords and electrical points can become harder to reach once everything has been unpacked.7.    In the laundry, unpack items that will need to be used immediately such as a washing detergent and cleaning products. The laundry is likely to become a dumping ground for items where you are unsure where to put them, so allow space for this to happen.8.    For outdoor furniture and appliances, leave these covered under shelter during the initial stages of the move. 9.    The garage is likely to become another storage zone so leave this for the last. Try to organise the boxes around the space so that there is a functional area to access everything. Where possible, install shelving units in the garage prior to a build-up of boxes occurring so that you have easy reach access areas to place items.10.    Ensure you set aside some time to enjoy your new home. Set aside an hour or so a day during the unpacking phase to sit back, relax and admire your new setting.Moving house is a big achievement and something that you should be proud of. The unpacking stage is a chance for you to take ownership of the new space and your new environment. After each room is complete, take some time out to look around the room from different angles. Get to know the space and where everything is placed. Lastly, allow yourself time to truly feel at home. Don’t get so focused on unpacking everything and meticulously arranging your items that you forget to add the homely touches. Photographs on the walls, special memorabilia on display, and those other little things that show the life you have lived ought to be embraced and enjoyed during the unpacking process of moving house.

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