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Thinking out of the Box - Get rid of Unwanted Items

Have you considered getting rid of your old furniture or unwanted household items online? Everyone will have the occasional clear out and what better place to get rid of items through the internet! The amount of people that could be your potential customers is a lot greater than those that may read your advert in the local paper or shop window. Most people either cannot be bothered selling items online or think it is too difficult, but it is actually quick and simple! There are a number of websites out there that cater for people who want to get rid of items that they no longer want or need and they can take you step by step through the process involved.You have the option to give away your items for nothing, there are many sites where people post for items they are looking for and you can let them know you have it and they can come and view it and hopefully take it away with them! Alternatively you can post the items(s) that you have, put on some accompanying pictures, and wait for emails from prospective takers. Using a site like this is good if you are not interested in making any money and just want someone to come and take away the goods.There is also the selling option. If you are planning ahead and have the time to get things advertised online then selling is always a good option. You have the option to pick a selling price and then see if anyone wants to buy from you. The only down side to this is the potential posting of the item. Also if you are selling something very large then you may have no option but to arrange a car to deliver or the buyer arranges a pick up . The person that buys from you may not be local, you can however put the option in that the buyer must collect but that could put off people out with your area. Regardless of which option you go for there are a few things you must do before hand:•    Clean the item and ensure it is in good condition. You don’t want people taking it away and then bringing it back as it is damaged in some way and they didn’t know about it•    Take some good pictures from various angles•    Write a good description that will make it appealing to someone reading your advert. If it is from a special range then name it, put the year of manufacture (if you know it), colour, how long you have had it for, why you are getting rid of it and put dimensions in if it is furniture. That way the viewer will know if it will fit in their home!•    Gather some paper and boxes to wrap the item up. Even if it is going to be collected you need to ensure the person can take it away safely.The first few times that you put adverts up can be very daunting but once you get over the hurdle of the first sale or the first collection then you could become quite addicted to it! Apart from getting rid of unwanted items you will be clearing out some space for something new to go into or just having some more space, no there is not much wrong with that is there!

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