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Useful Tips for House Removal

Moving to another location brings both excitement and a bit of fear. A new neighborhood, new people and even a workplace are all big changes. Every house removal has its ups and downs and despite your preparation, it often doesn't go entirely by plan. The easiest way to cope with moving house is by hiring a removals company, which will send you a moving truck and movers, who can even pack your entire household for you. Depending on how much your budget is you should decide which services you can afford. Moving house has many stages - from doing an inventory list to gathering packing material, from packing and loading the truck to doing a thorough clean-up. Decluttering your home and deciding what to throw away or sell is another hard task. People tend to keep things simply for their sentimental value, but this means more money for packing and transportation. All of these things make a removal quite a stressful time for every family or single homeowner. Being assisted by a team of trained movers is a considerable advantage, but the stress will still be there. Here are a few really helpful tips for every house removal.

1.    Hiring a removals company needs to be done as early as possible, especially if you are planning your removal for during the summer. Good removal companies have full schedule months before, so start your search at least 4 months before the move. Discuss every service you might be in need of and how much will it cost you. Your biggest determinant whether to hire a certain company should be their recommendations and expertise and the quote they give you.

2.    Sorting out your items should begin as soon as you know the exact day of the removal. Some families start packing 2 months before. Since there will be plenty of stuff you won't be sure whether to take or throw away, starting this process early will give you enough time for contemplation. It is proven that during a house removal is when people get rid of most of their unwanted, broken and old things, they wouldn't usually go through. Check the basement, garage and old boxes for items you haven't been using for years. Some of them you can sell online or at a garage sale and make some money. Remember that the more you manage to declutter, the less you will pay for the removal.

3.    Notify your friends, relatives and business connections that you are moving, give them your new address and phone if available. Change your subscriptions and phone the utility companies.

4.    Find sturdy moving boxes of different sizes - the more you have, the easier it will be to distribute your items in the right boxes. Put heavier items like books and ornaments in smaller boxes and wrap each piece of china and glassware individually before putting them in boxes. Don't overload boxes, even if you are not the one carrying them. Damages do happen even when you hire the best removalists.

5.    Keep your valuables and personal papers packed in boxes or bags in your vehicle, not in the moving truck. Even if you have full coverage, it's best not to risk it.

6.    Use lots of plain paper for padding at the bottom of the boxes and avoid using newspaper, which ink could damage your items.

7.    After you've loaded all the boxes check for proper labeling and then let the movers do the rest.

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