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What to do with the Pile of Boxes after Unpacking

You finally finished unpacking, everything is out of the boxes and has already found its place in your new home. You look around content with the result and admiring the view of how you've arranged each piece. If only you knew what to do with those moving boxes that are left. They surely take up way too much space. Read through the following suggestions and you may find the proper way to reuse or get rid of them.

1. Some of the boxes you can flatten and put away, if possible, with the presumption that you can use them for further storage. This way, they will lose most of their volume and thus will become easier to store. If you need them again some time, you can resume their shape and tape back the bottom with cellotape.

2. Another option is to sell them on the Internet. The web is full of numerous websites where you can practically make money out of already used items. You'll be surprised how many people actually need used moving boxes nowadays. It's a miracle that trading with them hasn't become an industry of itself yet.

3. If you're a charity type of person, you can always give the boxes away. They've served you well, completed their purpose and now someone else who's in need of moving boxes can have them gratuitously. You'll stop worrying about them once and for all, and at the same time you've done a good deed.

4. And, of course, recycling! First you'll have to find a nearby recycling plant and then to acquaint yourself with their requirements on how and in what condition the cardboard boxes should be delivered. Here you're not only helping yourself, but also giving your contribution to the planet. Sometimes a little can go a long way. By doing so, you're saving trees and that matters.

Here are some more unusual ways of reusing moving cardboard boxes:
•    Composting is another unique idea of putting those boxes into practice. As strange as it may sound, cardboard boxes can be used as compost bins. And other than that, they themselves can serve as a fertilizer because they are biodegradable.
•    Don't forget that cardboard can burn, so it can be used as kindling to start a fire. You might need to cut the bigger boxes into smaller pieces for your own convenience.
•    You don't have to be an expert to be able to glue together some boxes and make them into a playhouse for your pets. Cut a few wholes here and there and leave your pets enjoy their new toy at large.
•    If you have younger children, they can use the boxes to draw on them. Again, you'll have to cut them to get a flat surface. The rest is up to your child's imagination.
•    The craftier ones of you can colour the boxes and create a house, for instance, or something else for your children to play with. Get creative and include your kids in the whole process; they would like that.

Cardboard boxes are an irreplaceable essential while moving. They are light, easy to find, have a variety of capacity measures and also can hold different types of belongings. You should already be convinced that their role is unquestionable and versatile. But even after they've been used once, they can still contribute to other reasonable or rather uncommon purposes. If these ideas don't appeal to you, you can at least draw a notion of what can be done with cardboard boxes in general.

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