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After the Move - What Now?

After the hassles and stress you experienced from packing, loading, delivery, unloading, and unpacking, finally, you're so finished moving! Congratulations! So you're starting to prepare for the housewarming party? Not so fast-there is still one thing you should do. You should know the important places that a new comer in a place should know. You don't want to wait for a life-and-death case before you start looking for the hospital, don't you?
Here are the places you should already know by now and where you can find these:

Hospital. Emergency cases do not happen all the time. But when it does, knowing where to go matters so much. As early as possible, get to know where the nearest hospital is so you are always prepared for the inevitable.

Shopping center. Spend money to cure your stress-and you need to go to the shopping center for that. Here, you can do anything-from leisure to your needs.

School. Sooner or later, your kids will have to go back to school. Don't wait until the last week of enrolment before finding where the school is.

Convenience store. You're run out of food supplies and it is 1am. Where can you buy foods if you don't know where is the nearest convenience store?
These are just four of the important places you should know in your new community. Other places you should get familiar with are car repair center, dry cleaner, hardware store, pharmacy, grocery store, post office, library, and day care center.

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