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  • They put in maximum effort throughout their job and maintained an impeccable record of punctuality.

    Ashleigh B.

  • Absolutely thrilled with the service received - it was rapid and helpful.

    Gabby Jackson

  • When expected, these awesome fellows presented themselves promptly without hesitation getting directly to labor intensive activities afoot where they remained attentive, meticulous and gentle when handling breakable objects yet managing to sustain a delightful expression for the whole day's duration of labor obligations .

    Ian Medcalf

  • Home Removals was right on time and very professional throughout the move. They seemed to treat my things like they were their own, so I felt they were in safe hands. Highly recommended to any friends or family that may require moving services.

    Aaron Kraft

  • A top-notch service, especially when taking into account the price I had to pay at the end of it. It was all-round fantastic and I couldn't have asked for anything more. No doubt if I had gone elsewhere I would have ended up paying a lot more, and probably wouldn't have enjoyed the same level of service I received from Home Removals either.

    Donald Smith

  • Five stars to the movers at HouseRemovals who made my moving day so easy! I needed help with moving my furniture because I'm just not strong enough to manage! I was also concerned about damaging my fragile pieces, but the furniture removals experts that helped me to move were truly brilliant! Their moving skills were extraordinary, and they gave me everything that I needed for moving day. I would recommend this service if you want furniture moving help!

    Mary D.

  • Moving house is always going to be a nightmare, and I am not the kind to let it get in the way of my day to day life. I used HouseRemovals for the job, and they made sure that I wasn't too bogged down by the removal. I got them to sort out a packing service which was most of the weight off my shoulders, and it was excellent, in that having not contributed a huge amount to the job, I ended up not having anything broken! To be honest, there would have been more damages if I had done it myself, so it was probably worth the money!

    R. Cook

  • A friend told me about HouseRemovals and their man with a van service after her used them for his house move. He was really pleased with the service and, when I started to plan my house move, I decided to give them a go myself. The service was better than expected, with the mover being really friendly and very helpful. The move took a lot less time than I thought it would because of how professional and efficient my mover was! Compared to lots of other local removal companies, this one is really affordable too. If you're moving house then you need this company!

    Jack G.

  • Given how much work goes in to an office day to day, the idea of upsetting the flow by moving office was completely petrifying! I run the office for the business that I own with a couple of partners, and of course it was down to me to coordinate the whole removal, which was pretty difficult. I used HouseRemovals for the office removal however, and they made it seem pretty easy over all, which I was very grateful for. I will certainly be looking them up when we next have to move...

    Rose Phillips

  • HouseRemovals have just completed a comprehensive house moving service on our behalf and we couldn't be happier. The work they did was exemplary, and their attitude was stellar! Their can-do approach and cheeriness made all the difference and transformed a mild irritation into a really exciting process for everyone involved! Even our kids loved watching these guys at work. To top it off, their prices were superb too - would've paid more based on the quality we received. Thanks a lot HouseRemovals!

    Hugo Thompson

  • We went to HouseRemovals originally because we didn't have the money to contract a major professional moving company. However, our experience was so good that we almost feel fortunate we didn't go after one of the big guns. They provided exactly the vans we needed to get things done in one fell swoop, and provided great value for money. We won't be moving again anytime soon (hopefully!), but if you are, we strongly recommend you use them! Especially liked the fact that they offered free quotes - we came across a few companies who tried to charge!

    David Ferry

  • When my husband needed to move due to the circumstances of his new career, we needed a trustworthy and reliable removals company. No matter how hard we looked, we couldn't find one that really suited our needs. Until one of my colleagues recommended to me HouseRemovals. Finding this great removals company has been such a relief to me and I honestly can't say enough good, positive words about them. I would definitely hire them again if we decided to relocate again. And I would certainly recommend them to you too! So go ahead and book now!

    Shipya Saan

  • HouseRemovals did the unthinkable and made a removal a stress free process! I was absolutely gobsmacked, as I have never had a remotely calm removal in my life! There have been times when nothing has gone wrong, but it has always been a panic stricken process either way! I would suggest that anyone who wanted to get their removals done without the stress or breakages that you usually get, should call this lot right away, because they are just amazing at what they do!

    Jessie Hodges

  • Moving home can be utterly terrifying. Every time that I've done it, there has always been some sort of issue and I would like to meet the person who never worries even a little bit about the fact that everything could go wrong. If I did though, it would probably be a person who has hired HouseRemovals. While I am always prepared for the worst, the few times I've been lucky enough to work with them have been the times in which nothing has gone wrong and their expertise has really seen us through the day. Give them a call.

    Barbara Thompson

  • There's nothing better than knowing that you've gotten a truly excellent deal and I think that's what happened when it chose to hire HouseRemovals to help me with my move. Their help has made a real difference during the entire process and I would know because I've moved a fair few times. Even though I've now got more stuff than I ever had before, they seemed to make short work of it and kept everything safe as well. It's a great feeling, though, to know that you got a great deal and their prices made a real difference.

    Ronald Goggles

  • Given that we are not usually the type to write reviews of anything, the mere fact that you are reading this speaks volumes about how great HouseRemovals are! The staff were friendly from the outset, and the removal really did go ahead in a very safe and organized fashion, which we could not have been more happy with! Everyone on the team was nice to have around, and nothing was broken, which was incredible to say the least! If anyone out there needs a great removals company who will give you a decent service at an excellent price, then they should certainly try this lot out!

    Freddie Dunn

  • I needed to be in my new house with all of my belongings as soon as possible on moving day, and I knew that even with the help of friends and family, I just wouldn't have been able to achieve what I wanted without the help of a professional removal company. HouseRemovals were absolutely amazing for me, and they ensured that everything went smoothly on my moving day. The movers were efficient and excellent, and the prices were pretty fantastic too! I've told all of my friends about this service, and I can't urge you to try them enough!

    Gemma W.

  • I couldn't be happier with HouseRemovals. They gave me lots of help and advice on my moving day so that I was able to keep calm and just get on with it. The movers I had were very polite and kind and they really took an interest in my needs. They took great care with my fragile items and were excellent when it came to moving my furniture and fridge! If you're moving house then this is definitely a company that I'd suggest. The prices are very cheap for the quality that you're getting and they have lots of different services too. I wasn't sure what sort of help I needed but I got lots of advice and eventually found the perfect movers! Very happy customer!


  • I move a lot and have had good and bad experiences when it comes to removal firms, but I was extremely happy with HouseRemovals. My colleague recommended them and at first I thought I bet they are the same as the others, but in fact they were not. I felt they went that extra mile for me; the workers were friendly and hardworking and simply got the job done. The cost was competitive which I was pleased with. Nothing was damaged, and everything went like clockwork. I had the team pack my house up as wells as load, deliver and unload and reposition.

    Harry Keen

  • If you're looking to move, then I would like to suggest hiring HouseRemovals as the best step available. My family and I were sort of dreading the move, not really sure what was going to happen. Last time we moved there were only two of us and far less things. However, despite the plethora of possessions we now own, everything went swimmingly. We were into the new home in no time at all and I think their low cost services made a big difference to how quickly we were able to settle in and start enjoying ourselves right away.

    Edward Long

  • Getting the right help can make a big difference to your moving experience. I've learned this over a number of years, having moved several times, both good moves and bad. Whilst I won't bore you with some of the worst, I can definitely recommend HouseRemovals as providing one of the best. With their help, my most recent move was handled swiftly and efficiently and they did everything in their power to make sure that I got the right move to suit my needs. And all for a low cost. So I feel I should get out there and tell people what to look for when moving home.

    Adam G.

  • Moving home is, my dad always used to say, about finding the right help. I'm not sure whether he was just trying to drop hints to make me help him move home, but that idea really demonstrated itself to be true when I hired HouseRemovals. They managed to take what I had assumed would be a hugely complicated and difficult process and made everything incredibly simple. As such, I'm not sure anyone, anywhere has had such a stress free move and I would heartily recommend their help for anyone looking for the right help when moving home.

    Stan Allen

  • Wanted to say thanks to HouseRemovals for helping us get moved properly, after we were struggling to find the right help. We were looking for the right help with our home, and we weren't looking to trust just anyone. I've had a bad experience before, but I was really impressed by the way they took great care with all of my possessions, especially the fragile ones. They were there every step of the way and really helped me and my wife get the right service to suit us. We always appreciate a friendly solution and that's what we got. Thanks.

    Justin Cook

  • When someone said to me 'have you thought about a man with a van' I thought they were joking. But it turns out this is a great little service! It is remarkably cheap considering it isn't just any man with a van, it is one of HouseRemovals's removal experts. My dealings with professional removal companies have usually been rather expensive, but with the man and van it was anything but. Admittedly it is a bare-bones service; you still need to get involved with the lifting and everything else but the man with a van is so much easier than going it alone.

    Howard R.

  • It does not matter what it is you need to move, I have complete confidence in the team at HouseRemovals being able to offer you exactly what you need to enjoy the full experience of a simple moving experience. I was once in that same position, with a complicated move lying ahead of me and the full knowledge that it'd be a stressful event. But you can imagine my surprise when from the very start they managed to totally take control of the situation and make sure that every aspect of my move was taken care of. Top quality home removals.

    Ernest Sanders

  • Moving home has never been this easy, and I'm sure because I've moved a few times. This, though, has probably been the first time that I'd describe the process as ‘stress free'. Once we had a quote and a date from HouseRemovals, everything from then on was easy. They came, they packed and they unpacked. The process was easy, the team were friendly and each and every one of our possessions was treated with the utmost care. I've had things damaged during a move before, but they treated everything with care and love. Thanks again.

    Emily Lewis

  • As a property consultant we use HouseRemovals to move and store our tenants' belongings while we are busy renovating their properties. Both ourselves and our many tenants are absolutely delighted with the full package that this company offers us. Moreover, they are extremely affordable which is the reason we continually utilize their services. They pack and unpack our clients belongings which eases the pressure of being uprooted during our renovation periods. We could not efficiently handle these parts of our business if it wasn't for the assistance we get from your firm. We consider your crew of movers to be a valuable asset to our company.


  • I managed to get all of my belongings packed up and ready in time for my house move, but I was moving into a new area to start a new job, and this quickly took up all of my time. I found myself really struggling to find the hours I needed in order to unpack everything, and I was still living out of boxes weeks after I'd moved! I decided enough was enough and I called HouseRemovals and hired the help of their unpacking specialists. The job was done really quickly and professionally and I now I'm finally living in a proper home! Thank you!


  • It's really hard to find a removal company that you know you can trust, and I was reluctant to trust strangers with all of my belongings. I was really struggling to find a removals service that agreed with me, and then I heard about HouseRemovals. I called them and the staff were very helpful and listened to my needs. I was able to hire a man and a van very cheaply and he was friendly, professional and really efficient. He took extra care with all of my valuables and I couldn't be more thankful! This is a very good service if you're moving house!

    Jackie K.

  • I have a lot of furniture in my home and I really didn't think I'd be able to get it out of my front door, let alone into a van and into my new home! I wanted to find movers who'd be able to get the job done for me because I'm not the best at heavy lifting, and I knew I'd end up causing myself an injury. I gave HouseRemovals a call and explained my dilemma and they assured me they'd be able to help me. They weren't wrong! The staff managed to lift and carry all of my items without any trouble at all, and they were really friendly as well. Thanks!

    Evelyn P.

  • Moving house is a terribly hard thing to get right. I have often found myself flustered and panicked by the whole thing, and it is usually due to my own incompetence, as well as the fact that I have never had HouseRemovals on board to help me with everything! If I have to move again in the near future, I will be using their removals team again, as they made my life so much easier than ever before! The service was great, the price was excellent, so great value all in all!

    S. Thompson

  • I have only great things to say about HouseRemovals! They were really great at ensuring that the family felt comfortable during the move, especially our youngest daughter, who was a little bit stressed by the situation I think. The team were very friendly, and explained why they were doing everything before they did anything big, and this made sure that we all knew what was going on at all times. You will hopefully find that they are the same for you, I highly recommend them!

    Bruce P.

  • Having gotten everything packed up and ready, I realized that I had left it really rather late to be booking the removals company. You will find that in these situations you usually end up with the last company that you wanted, as all the good ones are fully booked. However, in this case I got hold of HouseRemovals and I could not be happier about how it all panned out! The team were great, everyone got on well, and nothing was broken! What's more, the price really wasn't too bad at all, so I'd happily recommend them to anyone out there in need of a great removals company!

    Beverly Hall

  • Hopefully anyone reading my review will understand that there is a huge amount to be gained from it! Getting great service from a company with such low prices came as a real shock to me, and I could not quite believe it when it happened, so hopefully my experiences will help others out there make the decision to hire HouseRemovals for their removals. You will find that they are a very nice, down to earth bunch, who are happy to help with anything that you may need. Essentially, they are a great removals company, for an excellent price!

    Nicholas Griffin

  • HouseRemovals made the removal process quick and carefree. I had a lot to plan for my home move and needed the expert assistance of a professional removal company to give me advice and support. I had heard of HouseRemovals from a friend who recommended them so I gave them a call. They were fantastic from the moment I called them up. They packed, loaded and stored my belongings; everything was taken care of so I didn't have to worry one bit. I recommend them highly as they really can deliver on their promise of good service at an affordable price.

    Stacey A.

  • If you are looking for a reliable and professional moving company, then I would definitely recommend HouseRemovals. They have provided excellent man and van service for me in the past. I have used them multiple times because their service is consistently reliable. They are able to complete both larger and smaller moves, as they have different size vans and a range of different services. Their team of professional staff are friendly, knowledgeable and prompt. They were always prepared and ready to work at the arranged time. I thank HouseRemovals for providing such reliable service and I recommend them to anybody looking for an excellent removal company.

    Clarissa H.

  • I chose HouseRemovals for my home relocation. I needed a company with expertise and experience in home removals. I was moving my entire family and needed a company that could be diligent and thorough. I didn't have time to organize or pack so I needed a full-service removal company. HouseRemovals was just what I was looking for. They were reliable and affordable. They knew exactly how to pack my belongings and they were able to work at a time that best suited my schedule. Their moving crew were friendly and supportive. I couldn't have received a better service.

    Kellan Roberts

  • Working with HouseRemovals was the best decision I made when planning my apartment move. From the moment I called in for a quote, they were diligently preparing for my move. They had someone out to survey my apartment in no time. They customized their service to suit my specific moving needs. The staff knew exactly how to pack and wrap my belongings so they were not damaged or misplaced during transportation. I was impressed with their dedication to the task. I would definitely recommend them in the future, they have affordable prices and quality service. Well done team!

    Isabelle F.

  • Having moved a few times in my life, I thought I knew a fair bit about how to move house efficiently, but HouseRemovals showed me a thing or two that I did not know! They were great, really helpful and nice to chat with about anything, whether it was the football or the packing! If you can get them to do your move, then you will not regret it, I was seriously impressed! So impressed that I even went on the net to write about how impressed I was! Great work guys.

    C. Jenkins

  • Moving house is terrible! It's a lot of work, and boring work at that. Thankfully I had the team form HouseRemovals on board this time round, and they really did make everything a whole load easier. I can't thank, nor recommend them enough! If only every tradesman worked in a way like the movers, then we'd never get scammed by cowboys, or ever feel cheated out of our cash ever again!

    Trena Gerson

  • Having used a different company for the last couple of moves, I decided that I might be ignoring better solutions, and went with HouseRemovals for my most recent. It turns out that I have been missing a trick in neglecting to try these lot out, as they were incredible! I don't quite know how they were better than the previous company in terms of skill or strength, but the people that work for them are just so much more personable and friendly! Not that the only team were grumpy, just more business like! I would recommend these guys to everyone looking for a happy move with no stress and a smile.

    M. Toscano

  • In all honest, I have no idea about what you need from a removals company. I did all the packing myself, and all the labeling and general sorting out, so the team just needed to come in and move everything. I didn't really think about how much stuff I had until the whole front room was full of boxes however. It was surprising how little effort it seemed to take the boys from HouseRemovals to get it all sorted however, so I was very pleased to have them around. A great move aided by an excellent team of hard working removals men, highly recommended.

    Renna Wilber

  • If you are after a top notch removals company, then you need look no further than HouseRemovals. There is a huge amount to be said for a company who feel like friends after one day of moving house, and that is exactly how I felt about these lot! The move ahead perfectly, nothing was broken, and it was actually quite a good time! I would not have been able to do it all without them, and the price was pretty great as well, so I was extremely happy!

    T. Brumback

  • Moving house was really easy with HouseRemovals. They made me feel like I could do nothing wrong, as there was so much that they taught me about preparing for a move. In some ways, they may have undone themselves, as next time, I will need less of a service, as I can do so much of it by myself! The team were super friendly and really really helpful with all of the advice, as well as being quick and safe with the lifting and moving of all of my boxes and furniture. Top marks!!

    Freya P.

  • I hope that any one reading this will take my review seriously, as HouseRemovals do deserve to be endorsed. They helped us move house the other day, and were really great with their help. It was not a move that we felt we could afford to spend a lot of money on, so we talked to them about a reduced service, and they were very understanding, sorting out an excellent deal for us. If you are on a budget and need a good service, try the team, they are sure to help you out.

    Gertrude T.

  • There should be more removals firms out there like HouseRemovals. I have dealt with a couple in my time, and there is not a lot of good that I can say about them, given how good my recent move was. The team were fantastic with both my family and our pets, as well as being extremely hard working and prepared to go the extra mile. The move went by quickly and without a hitch, which was more than I could have wished for, and for a very reasonable price. Good value is good value, so I recommend them to all.

    Harry B.

  • Great bit of work from the removals team at HouseRemovals, they really did do the job properly. Offered us advice on the move itself as well as ensuring that we were all packed and ready to go, which saved a lot of time on the day. With all of the advice and preparation work that they did for us it was an easy move once the day came, so they unsurprisingly did a great job of getting everything loaded and moved, with little hassle and all done very quickly. A nice bit of work, cheers!

    Hamish Kings

  • Huge thanks to all over at HouseRemovals who did our recent removal. We were delighted with how efficient they were at getting everything moved and loaded, with no damage to either items or property. Usually you have to do a bit of a touch up and clean once the removers have left the place, but in fact it was all very neat and tidy afterwards, bar the vast quantities of boxes that we were left to sort through. You know you've had a good service when you feel like you are not paying the team enough, and this was exactly the case!

    Gavin Jakes

  • If you, like me, want a really high quality team to help you with your removal, then I would happily recommend HouseRemovals for the job. They made sure that everything in my home was moved with real care and skill, which meant that there were no damages overall. I am a collector or things, and some of the items that the team had to move were very fragile, so I was anxious as ever, but for no reason, all was fine. The price was more than worth the perfect move that I was paying for, so well done team!

    Mike B.

  • Moving house was looking like a fair old hassle, but having booked HouseRemovals I was happy to see that they looked after me well, from start to finish. In a way, having them on board was like a breath of fresh air. My concerns about how to go about certain things that the move required were lifted, and the mood was generally calmer in the house - no more frantic running around and not really knowing what to do! The move itself went well, and the team and staff were very nice. It was a great performance over all.

    Jenny Martin

  • Essentially, moving house comes down to two things, organization and time. I had neither. I have a job and two kids and my husband also works. We found a perfect home, and sold our surprisingly easy, which was a dream, but it meant that we had three weeks in which to get packed and moved. HouseRemovals were there from start to finish, with extras like the packing service, which made my life so much easier. Knowing that we had a trustworthy team behind us made all of the difference, so thanks again to all there.

    Rachel White

  • Cheers HouseRemovals for making my move so simple! The idea of getting literally everything that I own from one place to another that is miles away, was stressing me out, so having this lot on the phone was a bit of a relief. You can't go wrong with a bunch of movers that know what they are doing, and who seem to understand the importance of your items' safety, so it was good to have exactly that. A ten out of ten performance from the guys, couldn't recommend them more highly, cheers!

    Amy Williams

  • I am a complete novice when it comes to moving house, as I don't exactly do it that often. Knowing that I was in safe hands with HouseRemovals made it way easier though. I knew that they had my back, and were watching out for my stuff as it was being loaded in to the van. Luckily, nothing was broken or anything, so I was pretty happy with the service that they provided. The price was great as well, so I would recommend them to anyone out there looking for a good removals company in the area.

    Sam Fryars

  • The chaps from HouseRemovals did a splendid job on getting my house moved in a flash. The boys were very nice to me and the rest of the family, and made sure that we all felt relaxed and happy, despite the fact that a load of strangers were tramping through the house and touching all of our things! The children were pleased to have them around as they were great fun, and the move went smoothly as anything, so I cannot really recommend them highly enough! I hope they can help others in the same way they did me!

    Belinda A.

  • Thank you HouseRemovals! They made my move between flats so much easier than I would ever have presumed, so it was with pleasure that I handed over my cash, as it was no real difficulty, given how good the value was. Prices were lower than I had thought they would be, and the service was better, so all in all a bit of a win for me! I'm pleased to say that I would recommend these movers to anyone who wanted a decent, hardworking bunch of staff who made you feel comfortable about your move. Ten out of ten, five stars! Thanks again.

    Kenneth Kilpatrick

  • There is little to be said about HouseRemovals that has not already been said in their website, as it seems to be completely true. I am always a little dubious about the claims made in advertising material, but these guys really pulled it off. Our move was pretty easy throughout, and I certainly felt like we got our money's worth, so great job! Hopefully we will not be moving again for a long, long time, but if we have to, I know I will be calling these guys again. Thanks so much for your help!

    Martin Thomas

  • When I was moving in with my boyfriend I ended up bringing quite a lot of furniture with me and neither of us had a big enough car to carry it all to his flat. I didn't want to hire a removal company and pay a fortune but HouseRemovals offered a man with a van at a very low cost which meant I could move not only the furniture, but all my other possessions without having to make several trips back and forth between addresses. It was all done in a matter of hours and cost me very little.

    Charmaine B.

  • When our company moved to new premises, we were hoping for a removal company that would offer a reliable and quick removal service, and it was essential to us that everything from our old premises was reinstalled in our new home very quickly to enable us to continue work. Many moving companies fail to offer a service that is this thorough but with HouseRemovals we achieved that and more. Our office moving turned out to be a very smooth and simple transition and it was business as normal very soon after the move.


  • Thanks to everyone at HouseRemovals for the best house move I have ever had! Everything about the removal was easy and simple, with everything flowing smoothly and on-schedule. I had a lot of items which needed to be shifted, but the movers were more than willing to carry out such a long task. Moreover, they handled the work with a smile and were very chatty and friendly throughout the operation. If you are looking for a reputable firm, this is the one for you! I will definitely be using this service again when I next move. Thanks!

    Adam McBrian

  • For our first move together, my fiancée and I were keen to find a reasonable removable service at the lowest possible cost. Although we largely chose them based on their excellent value, we were amazed by the quality of work offered by HouseRemovals. We were only moving between small properties, but the staff treated our belongings with the utmost respect and care. On top of this, they were extremely friendly from the moment they arrived, which meant that it was a stress-free experience throughout. Fantastic!

    Martin B.

  • The reason I would recommend HouseRemovals to somebody is not just because they are good at what they do (and they really are: careful, quick, efficient etc.) but is actually because they are lovely, lovely people to be around. I am a live-in carer (the person I care for suffers from a major physical disability) and we were obviously apprehensive about moving day. But the workers were so accommodating and treated us with such sensitivity and respect that is sadly all too rare these days. Thank you for this, above everything else you are clearly so good at. A very special removals team indeed.

    Lana B.

  • I have just moved out of my flat and because it was an odd shape I was a little bit worried about how things would work out. I felt pretty certain that either some of my things were going to need to be dismantled or broken, or I was going to lose my deposit because we would be banging off walls and floors. I had sort of made peace with the fact that this was going to cost me a bit extra and was expecting it to, but actually Home Removals took care of everything and it didn't cost me a penny more!

    Tanya Hoffmann

  • The staff at Removal Company are just a fantastic team! I couldn't have asked for a better service. Throughout the entire process they provided advice, planned travel arrangements and safely packed and managed my belongings. They were there from the start and ensured that I was comfortably moved into my new home. They are reliable and sincere and I really trusted them with the move. If you are looking for a reputable team, then you should give Removal Company a call.

    Josef C.

  • I have used plenty of removal companies as I often get relocated for work. But this company was by far the best. HouseRemovals is a team of excellent, dedicated and hard-working staff members who take every job seriously. They provide you with upfront cost estimates and they provide the service that they advertise. They worked with me to create a schedule that met my needs and they were quick throughout the process without skimping on the quality. They were wonderful and I will surely call them in the future.

    Daniela Glove

  • I chose Home Removals to take care of my home move while I was busy with professional and family responsibilities. I wasn't able to do much packing beforehand so I was glad that they offered full-service packing. It allowed me to continue with my work responsibilities while making other arrangements for the move without sacrificing organization. They were convenient, efficient and affordable so I would definitely chose them for any move. Thanks to the great team at Home Removals my family and I are now settled in our new home.

    Katherine W.

  • Moving with HouseRemovals was easy and affordable. They provided accommodating service options at affordable prices. They are worth unlimited recommendation because their service was just so brilliant. They were always on time and efficient and they worked around my busy schedule. They were honest and reliable and efficient which saved me time and money. Well done team!

    Latrice K.

  • I had worked with some terrible relocation companies in the past but I was pleasantly surprised with HouseRemovals. They offered a great service that was affordable, reliable and professional. Many professional removal companies are extremely expensive, but this team was well-suited to my modest budget. They offered me moving services that were customized to my precise needs so that I didn't spend money on services that weren't needed. They were fabulous and definitely commendable for their excellent service.

    Luke M.

  • I couldn't believe how fast and carefully Moving Company performed my office move. I wanted to schedule my move during off-hours to minimize the impact on sales at my business. They were really accommodating with these scheduling preferences and worked when it was convenient for me. The move itself was quick and efficient and the staff were friendly and professional. I was able to get my business up and running again quickly with their help. Moving a business is easy with Moving Company!

    Anthony Lee

  • I was a little suspicious of Moving Company's claim that they would provide reliable, affordable and friendly service. But they definitely fulfilled their promise. I was moving a lot of belongings and it all needed to be carefully wrapped and packaged. But the staff at Moving Company were easily able to pack and wrap my belongings and when they delivered it to my front door, everything was organized and nothing was damaged. I was really impressed with their service and they delivered on their promises. They are surely worth calling for all your home needs.

    Laura S

  • Moving home had been something I'd been looking forward to doing for years but things would always get in the way. When the opportunity finally arose to get it done, I leapt at the chance. I knew I couldn't do everything alone so I hired HouseRemovals for support. Their team efficiently packed and carried all of my goods and transported them to my new address. They offered storage facilities and gave me great deal thanks to a free quote. Their moving staff took great care with my goods and always showed me respect. I had the help of the premier moving service around and you can too.

    Samantha Daniels

  • I was moving out of my parents' house but I didn't have access to a car so I knew I would need help from a removal company. I contacted HouseRemovals and was hoping just for them to transport my things but they also gave me information on the process to ensure I did everything correctly. Their team also helped me pack, carry my furniture downstairs and out the building. When they got things to my new address, they moved everything inside. The move was easier than I could have imagined, thanks to their dedication and hard work.

    Peter Star

  • Moving home shouldn't be a difficult process but that's what it was when I decided to relocate across town. Packing is easy if you throw things into boxes but if you want to keep everything safe, you have to take time and be careful. Carrying furniture up and downstairs can't be done haphazardly and cramming all your goods into the back of a car will lead to disaster. All of these things didn't happen to me though because I had the help of HouseRemovals who managed each of these chores for me and tot the highest standard.

    Wayne Jones

  • I had been saving up to move home for years so when the chance finally came I didn't want anything to go wrong. I wanted things to go smoothly and as quickly possible so I hired House Movers to assist me. They ensured that I knew wall the important informational and sent hardworking team who properly and safely packed my things carried furniture out of my home and transported them, all to my new address. After years of saving, I went from one house to another in just a couple of days because of their services and dedication to helping me.

    Stacy Marren

  • Wanting to move home had been something I had been planning to do for a long time so I was surprised at how unprepared I was when it happened. I didn't know the best ways to pack my goods, have access to the boxes and materials I need and I realised my vehicle would not be enough to transport everything. I knew the best answer was to call for help and that came in the form of HouseRemovals. They are an expert firm who aim to assist with all matters of a removal and they did just that, giving me everything I needed of a successful relocation.

    H. Ross

  • Removal firms are essential for any move and that is why before I didn't anything I gave HouseRemovals call. I didn't know what to expect and I was treated with a caring and knowledgeable person. The operator answered all my questions, gave me advice and a quote. Before I knew it, a team of people had come to my address to pack everything and carry away my furniture. They loaded it onto their vehicles and drove it safely to my new home. I got an excellent servile and an ideal move, just because I made one phone call, and you can too.

    Amanda Boon

  • I had the opportunity to move abroad for work and I was eagerly anticipating the change. However, I soon realised how much work would go into it and things turned sour. Properly packing all by belonging and getting them shipped to me new address would not be easy, and the paperwork was challenging to. I contacted Moving Company for assistance and they delivered. They gave me the information I needed, helped me with my paperwork. They then sent a team to pack my goods and carefully transferred my belongings across the sea to my new address. They made the experience convenient and simple.

    Andrew S.

  • I have never written an online review before but I want to express my gratitude to Home Removals. I was expecting my more to be a difficult process as I had many items to handle and a long distance to go, but they made sure everything went smoothly. They packed up all my things carefully, drove them to my new address for me and unpacked each box. When I arrived, my home was almost ready to live in thanks to them. Everyone who assisted me was polite and hardworking, so I would especially like to show my appreciation.

    Susan R.

  • I moved home several years ago and it was a disaster. I lost some of my goods, a couple of things were broken and I couldn't move some of my furniture so I had to leave it behind. When I was about to move again I wanted to guarantee this wouldn't happen and so I called Removal Company. I knew that with them handling everything I needn't worry, as they would complete the task properly and safely. All my things arrived at my new home intact because they take the utmost care with the belongings they handle.

    David H.

  • When my removal was upcoming, I was hoping to obtain the information I needed. I felt I could handle things myself but I wasn't sure about how to go abbot it. HouseRemovals offered everything I desired and more. They told me what techniques and materials to use to pack my goods, which meant they would stay safe they ran through everything with me and made me capable of performing my own move. I was thoroughly impressed with this and best of all the information didn't cost a thing.

    Simon B.

  • Moving home had always been something I wanted to do. I couldn't wait to relocate to a new and larger house. However, my enthusiasm soon waned when I began the process as packing was taking a long time and I realised I wouldn't be able to carry furniture or transport goods alone. I didn't want to put a halt to the process so I called House Movers. They were there for me every step of the way and took care of everything in no time. They kept my excitement alive and provided the best quality move possible.

    John Matthews

  • I know that in order to get the best result in anything I do, I need the right help, so that is why I contacted Removal Company when moving home. I wanted to experience to go smoothly, with none of my things being broken or lost, avoiding any injuries of delays and everyone being happy with the process. Their team did all of this with a smile and were happy to answer my questions and listen to my requests and concerns. They are an expert removal firm and can help anyone with their transition.

    Lucy A.

  • I often have to move home because of my work and so it got to the point where I would barely unpack my things. However, I had settled in my current home, so when I found myself having to uproot again I wasn't prepared. Time was of the essence and I knew I couldn't handle it myself. I have a call to HouseRemovals to see what they could do for me and they did more than I could imagine. They packed my things, managed to move furniture without problem and transported it to where I needed it. The next rime I move I'll call them straight away.

    Mike H

  • A perfect removal should be planned out and well timed. Unfortunately for me I had neither of the two, which is why I decided to hire a removal service to help me move ASAP. I tell you, no one could have helped me more than Removal Company, who didn't fuss and faff about the lack of time they had to get everything done. They simply got on with it and even got the job done with a few hours to spare. Super isn't even the word to describe the service that I received. Everything and everyone was magnificent and I would definitely use Removal Company again.

    Noreen Bexley

  • I was looking for a company that offered the full package: packing, removal, storage and unpacking and all my research pointed me in the direction of Moving Company. Research definitely paid off because this company was out of this world! I cannot believe how easy they made everything seem. They got the work done so quickly and efficiently, I was literally speechless. I have no hesitation in saying that my removal was a total success and it's all thanks to the staff at Moving Company.

    Kayley W.

  • I had heard of pet removal services, but none of them were willing to take on the task of removing my fish. I was running out of options when I came across Home Removals. I thought I'd try my luck and gave them a call. To my surprise, they agreed without any doubts or hesitation, which was a great relief to me since my fish are rare and very expensive. I have to say that the staff was amazing and cared for my fish very professionally. They also kept my tank in an immaculate condition, so that not even a single scratch appeared.

    Aida F.

  • What can I say about HouseRemovals? Words cannot describe them. They are absolutely brilliant in all aspects of what they do. Their staff are prompt, professional and punctual. They know what to do and how to do it best, which is what leaves clients like me feeling relaxed and stress free. If there was an award, HouseRemovals would win it because their services really are fantastic. 5 stars!

    Thelma Carr

  • When my husband and I decided to move to a bigger house so that we could start a family, we both found it very difficult to find the time to do any work since we were both in full time employment. In the end we decided to hire a removal service to get the full removal package. After much research, we came across Home Removals, who were perfect for the job. They were prompt, accurate, clean and very polite. They took care of everything, from packing to transport and they even unpacked all of our belongings for us, which left us very relieved and pleased.

    Caren S.

  • I needed a place to store my belongings over the summer holidays, whilst I was going to be living back at my family home rather than student accommodation. I didn't fancy taking everything back home just to be dragging it back in a few months. I called Removal Company and asked them if they had any storage facilities suitable for me. They found me the perfect storage facility and even informed me of offers that they had going for student storage plans, which ended up saving me some money - now what student doesn't like to hear this?

    Mabel K.

  • After years at the same house we wanted a change of scenery so we bought a house in another region. HouseRemovals gave us a great price for the job and was extremely helpful and friendly. They were a little late on the day from being stuck in traffic, but after that it all went like a dream! All of our precious possessions got to our new home in excellent order. HouseRemovals did a magnificent job. It is never easy finding a removals company you can trust but I think I've found my ideal removals company now.


  • My husband died recently and I found I couldn't manage anymore in my home, so I made the sad decision to move into sheltered accommodation. My friend had used Moving Company and ranted and raved at what a great job they did for her so I got in touch and got the particulars. They were very helpful and offered a variety of packages to suit my needs. The employees were friendly and obliging, and the actual removal went without a hitch. The cost quoted from Moving Company was also very reasonable. Thank you.

    Mary Brown

  • I operate a busy office, and since an increase in business costs I needed to transfer the office to a cheaper area of town. I required an efficient removals company to move expensive office equipment and in a relatively short time. My colleague had heard good reviews of HouseRemovals, so I contacted them and explained the situation; they visited and gave me a quotation that I thought was very reasonable. I booked a date for HouseRemovals and they were able to do the move over a weekend so as not to disrupt my working hours too much. Great job.

    Joan Reed

  • Packing your items properly takes skill and a lot of time. Both of those things I lacked. Fortunately Removal Company offered to do the packing for me at a price I couldn't refuse. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was really impressed with their packing skills. It was an art to watch. Everything was well organised and carefully handled. I've never seen anything like it before. Their team of packers was true professionals. To sum up, I was very pleased with their service and I believe you will be too!

    Will T.

  • This is the second time me and wife have used the services of HouseRemovals and we are still over the moon with them. The first time we used them, we opted for the removals service, and this time, the second time, we used them for their storage service. We are more than happy with the service they provide and we hope that they'll keep up the fantastic work. It's rare to find such a brilliant removals company, and we're over the moon to have found a company like this one. We recommend them completely.

    Richard Mason

  • For a really long time I've been going from one removal company to another. I never managed to find a removals company I could use all the time because they were all so incompetent. For this move, I set myself the task of finding a brilliant moving company. I spent hours searching the internet and reading reviews. I found three companies in the end but after emailing them all, the only one that replied to me with useful information was House Movers. Since that initial correspondence with them, they've really been great. The service they provide is brilliant. So, all in all, I am a very happy client and I would not hesitate to use their services again.

    Colleen Rigby

  • Two months ago I needed a removal service urgently. The only removal company that was willing to move me under such short notice was Removal Company. All the other companies I contacted were arrogant and taken aback when I said I had to be moved the next day. Not Removal Company, though. They were more than happy to help me. Plus, they didn't add on any fees for the short notice, which I thought was excellent. Highly recommended.

    Paul C.

  • I used the packaging service of Moving Company and I was more than happy with the job they did of it. The thing is, I had lots of fragile items and pictures and so on, and wasn't at all sure how to package them correctly so they wouldn't get damaged. The team from Moving Company got straight to work when they arrived and they even refused a cup of tea. Everything was well organized before it was packaged and when they'd left, I inspected the wrapped items and was impressed by the quality of it. Overall, I'm very happy with their service and would definitely recommend them to all.

    Christina Williams

  • My boyfriend and I moved for the first time to an apartment at the other end of the city. We were, as you'd expect of a young couple moving for the first time, rather worried but luckily we were indeed fortunate to have found a brilliant removals companies like House Movers because they made everything so much simpler than we'd expected. They give you really useful tips too and they guide you through everything to ensure you are coping with everything. Anyway, everything went smoothly and according to plan. There were no blips or anything. We were thrilled with the service of House Movers.

    Una Richmond

  • After many years of raising a family and residing in the exact same family home for twenty five years you hoard a significant amount of things. A big job for any company but not to Moving Company, they were not bothered by the amount of belongings we had stored over the years. Moving to a new house went without a hitch thanks to Moving Company; they did a grand job, and worked very hard on our big day. They were careful with our bits and pieces and it all arrived safely at our new address. You should definitely hire them!

    Ron Boothe

  • My husband and I were downsizing to a bungalow and needed a reliable company to move our precious valuables. My sister advised me to contact Removal Company, whom she had heard rave reviews of. So I called them and explained our predicament, but they gave me peace of mind and said that it was no problem everything would be taken care of. On the big day they did a fantastic job and took great care with our precious treasures. The staff did an exceptional job, and the cost was good too.

    Joan Boone

  • I moved to the other end of the county with my family a few days ago and I want to say thanks to all the team from Home Removals that helped us with our move. It went well and nothing went wrong. Our items arrived safely and nothing got damaged or stolen. Everything was just as we'd left it. We all got on well with the removal guys. They were very pleasant and easy to get on with. The only complaint we had was that they left a bit of dirt in our home and didn't clean up after themselves. But we think that's a small price to pay for such a fantastic service.

    Dennis Gaff

  • House Movers helped me no end with my move to London. They were so professional; I couldn't believe how little they charged for such a brilliant, flawless service. On moving day, they sent a team out in a posh vehicle and just as customer service told me, the team was friendly, hardworking and efficient. I was overjoyed with them. They even cleaned up after themselves because there was dirt everywhere. I really could not have done it without them.

    Louise Rogers

  • Thank you so much HouseRemovals for making my first time move an enjoyable and easy one. I honestly couldn't have done it without you. Right from the first phone call, I knew you were the company to choose. Your professionalism astounds me. To all the team at HouseRemovals - thank you for everything! I highly recommend this company! They are, without a doubt, the best removals company around. All in all, a fantastic company.

    Jason T.

  • As a university student, I find myself needing storage space quite often. The trouble is, few removal companies offer a service I can afford. Because I'm always on a tight budget it makes it difficult. My friends recommended House Movers to me and said they were great. I called them up and luckily they offered the service I needed at a more than reasonable price. I thought I'd have to pay for it in the service but I didn't. They were very professional and all my items were kept safely and securely. I couldn't be happier! Now I know that I can count on House Movers for any of my moving needs.

    Haley Robinson

  • If it wasn't for my mum, I would never have found Removal Company. I only have good things to say about this company. They are, without a doubt, the best removals company I have used. What makes them stand out from the rest is that they treat you with respect and as an individual customer. If you have specific needs or requirements, they do all they can to ensure they are met. All the employees at Removal Company are really friendly and helpful too. Whenever I had questions, they were always willing to help and offer me useful advice. You won't be disappointed with this company - they are fantastic.


  • Choose HouseRemovals if you're looking for a great removals service. So far, I've used them three times and they still treat me as well as they did the first time I used them. It is nice to see that they maintain their high standards and they certainly keep this customer content. You'll be happy to know that they offer tailor made moving packages to customers to ensure all your needs and requirements are met - and they do this at no extra cost. Customer service also gave me useful moving tips which were valuable. All in all, a good company that I will surely use again.


  • If you need a reputable removals company, choose Home Removals. Not only are they professional and trustworthy, their prices are great too. It's rare to find a company that offer a great service at a good price. Thanks to a friend I found Home Removals and I intend on using them again when I move. Thank you to all the team for your help and guidance. It's been a very easy move and I've enjoyed it, to my surprise. I definitely recommend this company to anyone wanting a good service at a good price. Who doesn't want that?

    Becky Harte

  • Most people want professional and honest services which come at a price that is not going to break the bank, or in this case the moving budget. Should you decide to relocate any time soon, I would recommend that you hire HouseRemovals for the relocation because I have just used their services and I highly rate them. They offer reasonably price removal services, which are performed by a professional team of staff.

    Bernie Cater

  • I have not stopped talking about my recent move, nor have I stopped recommending Moving Company for other soon-to-be movers that I know. The relocation packages offered by Moving Company were very reasonably priced and meant that I was well within my budget. My moving budget, which was suppose to be for removal services and other various moving costs was rather reasonable however, I was concerned that it might not cover the full costs of a move, as I had heard that such services are rather pricey. I was astonished when the staff at Moving Company told me that my move was going to cost me a lot less that I had estimated and expected and this was certainly one of the main advantages for me using their services.

    April Ryan

  • The office personnel and removals men at HouseRemovals were as good as gold when I recently relocated to my new flat. I wanted a company that I could trust and rely on because I was moving my personal possessions, which although were not overly expensive, they were personal items that I wanted to make sure remained in one piece. The staff here treated me and my belongings brilliantly and I am more than satisfied with everything. Thanks for all of the help!


  • Excellent team of staff! Brilliant services and all at a very affordable cost too. It is not often that you can say so many positive things about one company but this is an exception. Relocating is a difficult job to manage and is no easy feat, as I am sure so many of you already know, but Removal Company assured me that they would eliminate all of the stress and hard work from me so that I could have an easy move and that is exactly what they did. Thanks to all the office personnel and removals team at Removal Company you did an amazing job!

    Robert Brewins

  • I decided to relocate at the last minute and so I couldn't and wouldn't have blamed any removals company if they'd have turned round and said that it was going to cost me because I was half expecting this anyway, as there was a lot to sort out and organise at the very last minute. Fortunately, my move was handled very well and everything was arranged more or less instantly, which I was happy to see. As you may have guessed, I chose Moving Company to undertake my flat removal and I would not dream of choosing another company if I was to go back and do the whole task again because they were just great with me! Although I am not currently planning to do so, if I do move again I will definitely pick this company for sure! Guys, you were brilliant!

    Ellie Warner

  • I was looking for a removals company for when I had to relocate with my family to a new area. When you move with a family and small children you really know about it! There was so much to sort out and that was before we even thought about relocating. I was desperate to find a professional removals company to handle my move efficiently and successfully, yet I was certain that such firm didn't exist. I saw an advert for the services which were provided by House Movers and so I called them up and booked a move with them. Their removal services are top class and I can't complain at all about the whole experience! Well done and keep up the good work!

    April N.

  • I would definitely recommend Moving Company to you, especially if you are in the position where you need to hire a removals company sooner or later. Finding a suitable removals team is difficult but this team really gets my overall vote and seal of approval because they offer the best value services and prices too. Working with this company was a dream and I was left one satisfied and happy customer after relocating with their team!

    Natalia Banova

  • A relation of mine was ill a few weeks ago and I urgently needed a storage unit where I can store my things whilst I visited him abroad. Funny enough I actually moved with Removal Company before but had never hired them for storage. So I asked them if I could store my things with them tomorrow or would that be too soon. Nothing was too much to ask for them. They were so understanding of my crisis and helped in every way they could. Helped me with packing and lifting, and didn't charge me anymore.

    Jade Turner

  • Overall, I was thrilled with the removals service of House Movers. The removal men arrived late with my things because of the heavy snow fall but I suppose that was understandable so I really can't complain but they apologized several times and they made up for it though by working extra hard when they got to the house. They turned down a break and just kept on working. They done all the lifting and wouldn't let me help. The team was amazing. I couldn't have done it without them. Thank you House Movers. I will recommend you to everyone I know.

    Derek Islington

  • What an excellent company! Home Removals have earned themselves the title for the best removal company around. When I booked a date with customer service, I was pleasantly surprised by their willingness to help and offer advice and all went perfect in the delivery of my belongings. Everything was done as I had requested and at no extra charge! How good is that? Moving can be a pain, in fact, it usually always is a pain but Home Removals made it completely painless. Perhaps even quite enjoyable. Do not hesitate to use this removals company. They are brilliant!


  • This team claim to have years of experience in the relocation business and after using their services for my recent house removal I thoroughly believe that. They knew what they were doing and never made me feel that they were unsure of anything and that they were unable to manage a job. They were confident, precise and careful. Although I like the team after meeting the, I was still concerned about leaving my boxes of personal possessions and valuables with them. However, when they arrived at my new home with the removal truck full of my belongings, I was pleased to see that everything was as I had left it when the removals team packed up the lorry! Cheers! I will be recommending you to anyone who needs quality and quick removal services!

    Melanie B.

  • Well done to all of you at Removal Company! You recently relocated my household items to my new home and I was really thrilled with how great you all were! Good luck and keep up the good work!

    Stacey Baker

  • House Movers and nbsp;can help their clients with all kinds of removal related issues. They offer a list of highly professional and convenient moves, as well as help with packing and storage facilities too. I took advantage of their help and I was treated very well by both the removals team and the office staff. Thanks to all of their assistance and flexible working hours, my relocation was all over and completed before I knew it. It wasn and rsquo;t stressful or problematic in the least and I can and rsquo;t believe that I have never hired them before. Real professionals!

    Ben O.

  • Removal Company and nbsp;were responsible for relocating my possessions to my new student accommodation. This is my first year at university and I was scared about leaving home for the first time. I felt happy about the situation because the people who I dealt with at and nbsp;Removal Company made the whole experience easier for me. They designed the removal to specially suit me and my situation and I am eternally grateful. It didn and rsquo;t take much time at all before I was settling in and happy in my new home. Thank you so much I really appreciate everything that you have helped me with!

    Hrisi Mitova

  • Cheers guys! You made my recent move bearable, easy and fast. They came, moved the belongings from my apartment and before I knew it they had arrived at my new property. Brilliant! Thank you so much!

    Nathan B.

  • Thank you to all of the removals men and office personnel at and nbsp;Home Removals for the great value removals services and highly efficient move. This company is worth every positive review and unlimited recommendations because they are honest and trustworthy, not to mention reliable too.

    Suzanne Thomas

  • Based on a recommendation I decided to use the storage services of HouseRemovals. I contacted their office and a nice and friendly customer service representative named Alan talked everything through with me and gave me very useful tips. Thank you very much for everything - I will recommend your company to all of my friends.

    T. Champbers

  • This is my third time using Removal Company and each time they were fantastic - on time, polite, flexible and knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend them to anyone needing a mover who knows and values what customer service means. Kind Regards!

    T. Ryane

  • The crew of Home Removals did an outstanding job for me and my family. Due to an unexpected situation we had to move on very short notice and Home Removals was the only company that contacted us and offered an estimate within 1 day's time. Thank you very much - you were great from start to finish, all of our belongings are here undamaged.

    W. Sullivan

  • I would like to send my thanks to the great team of Home Removals. Thank you guys for the huge help and for taking the stress out of the day. I am so glad I found your efficient removal services online. I will definitely call you again!

    D. Kinney

  • I have nothing but good things to say about House Movers. They arrived on time on the day of my move and took everything into their hands. I was just giving instructions. The crew were very professional and well-trained.

    H. Florance

  • Moving Company helped me to move across town and I was impressed. They arrived quickly and handled all of my belongings with care. They even double wrapped my most valuable items to prevent any damage. Strongly recommended!

    F. Daigal

  • I had a local move, but had a lot of furniture that needed to be moved. I hired professionals to help me and they really did an outstanding job. They loaded and unloaded every piece of furniture very carefully and efficiently. Thank you Removal Company - I wish your company best of luck!

    M. Benyard

  • Let me start by saying that Removal Company are real professionals and the best movers in London. They were all polite, careful and efficient. They gave me very competitive prices and there were no extra charges.

    E. Huntsmahn

  • What a wonderful experience! This is my third time using the services of Home Removals and they were fantastic like the last two times. The guys came 10 minutes early and got the job done in no time. This is my favorite company and I can't stop recommending them.

    J. Klaus

  • I had a local move and I decided to hire House Movers based on their positive feedback. They came on time and did a terrific job for me and my family. Everything from packing to delivery was just perfect. I would use their services again without a doubt!

    B. Tarel

  • We are another couple of happy customers of Removal Company. The team of movers was just great. They had uniforms, were polite, and introduced themselves. They followed all of my instructions and did a great job. Once again - thank you!

    B. Dirmani

  • I have used Removal Company recently and I was satisfied with their services. I've had very bad removals in the past and this time I was amazed. I am glad that I didn't have to pay any extra charges. Everything was explained to me at the start. This is a good company!

    S. Kodhi

  • I had no problems with Removal Company - everything went as advertised. The communication was excellent and, most important for me, the delivery was made on time. Wendy from their customer support called me after the move to ask me if I was happy with their services. Such a great company!

    H. Chetwood

  • We hired House Movers to help us move our entire household. The move was local and went off without a problem. Their crew were very knowledgeable and worked as a team. They took great care of our belongings. They are strongly recommended!

    F. Cheddar

  • The moving team of Removal Company did a fantastic job for me. They were very qualified and took great care of my most important items. The job was handled very well. Thank you once again - I appreciate your work!

    S. Gusarov

  • It was a blessing for me to see how fast the team from Moving Company were. They met all of my expectations. They knew exactly what they were doing. Moving Company is the best company I have ever worked with!

    J. Sonu

  • My last two moving experiences were just awful. This time I had to relocate my office and a colleague of mine suggested Home Removals. I was a bit scared, but thanks to their moving men it was like just an ordinary day. I couldn't believe my eyes that nothing was missing or broken. I would definitely use them again if needed!

    P. Bullock

  • HouseRemovals is an amazing moving company, I am so glad I found them. When I contacted the office I talked to Claudia, who politely explained the whole moving process to me. On the day of my move everything went exactly the way I was told. I highly recommend them!

    D. Earhart

  • This is going to be my first positive review about a moving company. I have to admit that Moving Company are the best company I have ever worked with. They did a wonderful job moving my family to our new home. Keep doing such a good job!

    P. Sones

  • We have just moved from East London to West London because it is nearer to my husband's place of work. He left it to me to find the proper moving company and I started to search the Internet. I chose Home Removals based on their feedback and they gave me a very competitive quote. Overall the whole moving process went great.

    L. Jahmene

  • A colleague from my office told me about Home Removals and strongly recommended using them for my office removal. I contacted their office and I talked to Alan in customer support. He was very nice and explained the whole process to me. On the day of the move they sent me two men who got the job done in no time. I would highly recommend Home Removals to anyone!

    M. Rahman

  • Moving Company had just delivered my belongings to my new home and everything is here, there are no items lost or even damaged. Thank you very much - it was a real pleasure to work with professionals. I wish your team continued success!

    E. Allen

  • I am absolutely thrilled with the great service of Home Removals. Two men showed up for my move on time and took complete care of my belongings. They wrapped everything and loaded it carefully. Everything arrived safe and in excellent condition. Your services are very much appreciated here.

    Z. Verduijn

  • I was very nervous because I was using the moving services of House Movers for the first time. I have to admit that their professional team made this day absolutely stress-free. They followed all of my instructions and took care of everything very fast. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone moving.

    L. Cleaton

  • It was my fifth move in the past 3 years and this is the first time I am writing a good review. It was almost unbelievable to me that there were still good, careful and honest people to work with. HouseRemovals will be on my top list for my next removal. Thank you very much - you have brightened my day. All my possessions are here with me without any damages. Thank you once again!

    G. Dimon

  • This is really a very good company, with a dependable and very hard-working team. I had a full house removal. The moving crew arrived earlier than expected on the day of my move and helped me with everything. They really took the stress out of it. Nothing was damaged, lost or even dirty.

    K. Plaskitt

  • I used Moving Company services last month and I was quite surprised by how reliable and fast the moving crew were. All went according to my expectations. They provided great service, and really dependable and honest movers. Thanks!

    B. Ajax

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    C. Callier

  • My wife got a new job and we had to move from Manchester to France. It was a big change for us and we are very grateful to the team from House Movers who helped us move almost everything from our house to our new French temporary home. They delivered everything without a single item broken. When we have to go back to England we will definitely use your services again.

    M. Becotte

  • I have used Moving Company' services 5 times now and have referred them to countless people. My mother used them recently as well and even she admitted that they were outstanding. They are always careful and courteous.

    A. Kupfer

  • Two weeks ago I had an office relocation with Removal Company and I am so grateful to their moving team - they have really saved me a lot of work. The customer service was outstanding. Overall, I would use them again and recommend them too!

    X. Bahar

  • I had to move everything from my old house to a new 2-bedroom house and a friend of mine recommended Home Removals' services. I contacted their office and their representatives explained everything to me. I hired their team to professionally pack my dishes and I am very happy with their work. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Thank you very much Home Removals!

    Alexa Petrides

  • Relocating an office in London is not an easy job to do, but thanks to the excellent removal services of Moving Company this was the easiest thing to do. This was a hassle-free move and all of my belongings were treated with respect.

    O. Abraham

  • Home Removals were great to work with. They showed up on time and work very hard all day long and handled my move with efficiency. They wrapped all of my furniture and took great care of it. I hope I never have to move again, but if I need a mover I am definitely hiring the team from Home Removals again.

    M. Birch

  • I just unpacked our last box from our move from Glasgow to Oxford. I hired Moving Company and they were very efficient and fast. The two guys I hired were worth every penny. Thank you very much for the great help!

    D. Talbert

  • This is a highly recommended company. They offered me a very competitive price and strong and handy men. They moved my family's belongings from Leeds to East London in no time. Thank you for the huge help!

    M. Glesner

  • Moving Company was better than I expected. A colleague of mine recommended their services for my big house moving and I am happy I decided to use them. They were very professional and knowledgeable. They carefully packed all of my household goods and delivered them in great condition. Thank you very much!

    F. Priddy

  • I was really worried about choosing the right moving company, because I moved a couple of times before and I had really bad experiences. Fortunately I got lucky this time, because I contacted Moving Company and they answered all of my questions and their customer support were there for me during the whole moving process. All in all it was a good experience. Highly recommended!

    Keran Devar

  • Moving an office from London to Paris was a pretty hard job for us, but after moving with Home Removals we realized that it can be pretty easy. Their office representative was kind enough to provide us with very helpful tips. The movers were on time and got the job done really fast. I would highly recommend them to any of my friends and colleagues.

    J. Schofield

  • I was looking for the most professional company to help my with my office relocation. I have had some bad experience with moving companies in the past, so this time I just wanted everything to be perfect. Moving Company was recommended to me, so I contacted their office. I spoke with Maria, who answered all of my questions throughout the entire moving day. Finally I found the best moving services. I didn't have a single item broken or lost. Thank you!

    M. Branell

  • HouseRemovals helped me with my storage removal two days ago. The movers were completely knowledgeable, strong and respectful. The company representative stayed in touch with me till the end of the process. Fantastic company!

    T. Darzi

  • Moving Company are a very reliable moving company. About a month ago I was moved out of my old house in New Addington to a new flat in Clapham Junction. The movers came prepared and wrapped everything for me. They were very organized and strong. I highly recommend them!

    R. Ahearne

  • I would like to thank you and your staff so much for the help you provided us. You were absolutely a time saver for us. Nothing was broken or even scratched. I would definitely recommend Moving Company to others.

    L. Gowars

  • I used the services of Home Removals yesterday and they were everything you could only dream a moving company to be, because I had some bad experiences in the past with other companies. Home Removals crew were absolutely fantastic workers. I wish them the best of luck.

    P. Dutta

  • I had an excellent experience with the Removal Company movers. They were polite and very hard working. They wrapped all of my furniture and loaded it on a big truck. I received everything in my new house in perfect condition, with nothing lost or broken. I am recommending their services to all of my friends and family.

    F. Adams

  • They showed up on time, got the job done very quickly and were able to move us into our new home within 7 hours. Their team leader organized everything for us. We are very grateful to the crew of Removal Company. Thank you once again!

    O. Pugh

  • Moving Company are the best. I have had the pleasure to work with them 3 times now and they have always taken extremely good care of my stuff. They also have the best prices in Birmingham. I give them 5 stars as a service provider.

    L. Tatat

  • Fantastic movers. Three men and a truck showed up a bit earlier for my storage removal and they get the job done in an hour. It was a pleasure to work with professionals. Thank you Home Removals. I wish your company and team the best of luck.

    G. Graceman

  • House Movers is an excellent service provider. They arrived on time and the three moving men were all incredibly fast and careful. All of my belongings were delivered in perfect condition. Thank you!

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    N. Brophy

  • I was extremely impressed by House Movers services. They were very courteous and polite throughout the whole moving day. Alan, the representative, even called me after the move to ask if everything went all right. Their services are just great and the movers were real professionals. Highly recommended!

    T. Sakai

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    S. Bel

  • In our previous experience with moving companies Removal Company were the best removal company we used in Madrid by a mile. Great value for our money. We had to move our clothing warehouse and I was really stressed about all the materials. I am so glad I chose this moving company, because from the start to the end they were really gentle with all the clothes and asked me about every detail and listened to all of my instructions. I could not praise and thank them more.

    H. Ahern

  • This was my first experience with professional movers and the team from Moving Company were awesome. They wrapped all of my furniture and even double wrapped the things which were most fragile. They were very fast and saved me a lot of efforts and stress. The price was absolutely reasonable. Thank you for the great help. Best regards!

    J. Farber

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    M. Lathan

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    W. Ramsey

  • Even with a very short notice House Movers was able to deliver my new furniture to my house. Thank you to everyone there for their help and understanding of my situation. Highly recommend your company!

    R. Elliot

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    L. Morgan

  • We selected Removal Company for our move from our old flat to the new one. They were the ones who picked up the phone the first time I contacted them. They gave us very helpful advice and even called us during the move just to be sure everything was going fine. The three movers who were sent to us did all the packing. This crew was very professional and we would not hesitate to use their services again. Thank you!

    T. Hardy

  • I also had a good experience with the crew of Removal Company. All the movers were very courteous and patient and careful with our belongings. They asked me where to put each one of the boxes or pieces of furniture. It was nice to work with professionals. Thank you!

    Emma Chan

  • I used House Movers recently and they did an excellent job for me. Everyone was nice and had a good attitude. I am recommending their services to all of my friends.

    C. Sauer

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    Danielle Berger

  • We are a busy family as well, we didn't have time to start packing everything up, and a friend of mine recommended Moving Company, which gave us a great price on a full packing service. On the move out day we didn't have to lift a finger; they packed everything up, and wrapped all of our furniture. It was a great pleasure for us to work with such a professionals. Thank you very much for your wonderful services.

    T. Manston

  • I'm not a big fan of writing reviews but I just need to say thank you to Moving Company. I have heard terrible stories about different moving companies, but the guys were very friendly, reliable, patient and did absolutely everything I needed for my move. I am highly recommending them for any move you might have in the near future.

    B. White

  • The guys I used from HouseRemovals were very friendly and cheerful and extremely efficient. I got a few confirmation calls from a real person and I never felt like I was going to be stood up. It was a great experience for me to work with a company on which you can rely. I will use them again in the near future.

    R. Taylor

  • For my storage removal they showed up 15 minutes early and moved everything so quickly and carefully, that I was just amazed. This is the best company I have ever used. Thank you guys.

    E. Howard

  • Due to business matters I had to move my office to a new business center as soon as possible. My colleagues recommended HouseRemovals to me. I called their office and they fit me in on the next day's schedule. They sent me four young men, who were very polite and hard-working. One of the things that impressed me most was that these young men loved their job. They laughed and joked the whole time and really took the stress out of the day. Thank you very much.

    Stacy Colt

  • I thought that hiring a removals company would cost me a lot of money. I searched the Internet and found out that the services of HouseRemovals are cheap and reliable. I decided to use them and to my surprise there were no hidden charges. I saved a lot of cash and avoided the stressful situation of doing it all myself.

    D. Sanger

  • When I was moving to my new house I decided to pack all my things myself, but I could not find huge boxes for the bigger stuff. All my other things were packed already when the movers came. I though that they would leave the things I had not packed but to my surprise they helped me to pack it without even charging me extra. I am glad that there are such customer-oriented companies like Home Removals, and I want to say that I really appreciate their help.

    Alan Perez

  • Last month I have used Moving Company. The crew were extremely patient and knowledgeable in answering my questions regarding specific items for wrapping and moving of boxes. Excellent relocation services, Thank you!

    O. Dormer

  • I am a 62-year-old woman, and I had to move to a smaller flat. I have been told that the services of HouseRemovals are good, which is why I contacted them. Obviously it was a hard for me to move most of the stuff all by myself Wendy told me to leave all the heavy stuff to their team. Also, the price she told me was very reasonable for me. Thank you Wendy and the two kind movers, who came to help me. One of them even repaired my old wardrobe. I am really thankful for the valuable service they have offered me. Keep doing such a good job and helping people like me.

    V. Sheffield

  • My husband and I are so grateful to the company which helped us with the move - Moving Company. We wish you a great deal of success in your business as we were impressed with your professionalism and constant communication to keep us informed for every little detail. I will have no problem referring your moving company. Great job again!

    J. Keckilpenny

  • Moving an office in Dublin was a big deal for us but after moving with Removal Company, we realized that it could be simplified. It was very kind of them to provide us with tips to move our office quickly and safely. I would recommend this company to everyone for a business move.

    H. Cooley

  • Based on a recommendation, and their keen price, we used Home Removals last week. Fantastic service. I had just started a new job, so had to leave my wife to deal with everything alone - she said the guys helped her with everything. She was given full instructions by the phone first on what to do before they came, so everything would be organized. Really great services.

    Leo Thompson

  • Attending college for the first time means staying in a dorm or a nearby apartment. Believe me I experienced the same thing. I had to bring my desktop computer aside from my laptop, my favorite guitar and the list just went on and on. Thanks to House Moving for helping me brought all those personal stuffs of mine in my new apartment!

    Paula Abramson

  • Last week, we had an emergency home moving because our old house was set for foreclosure. My husband and I decided to give up and get a cheaper property instead. As you know the whole process had been hectic that we needed Moving Company to help us out. We're glad to have those guys making the process easier and less daunting. The price charged to us was not even expensive at all. There's nothing I could ask for more but their services.

    L. Forsythe

  • Moving has never been this easy when we decided to finally call for House Mover to help us out. My husband and I had less work when we moved to the new house. Kids are still small to help us carry our things. Fortunately, the services were great, the workers were reliable, and everything had made us feel satisfied. It's worth the penny we've spent!

    Michael Carter

  • Moving Company, thanks for all the help! Two months ago, I was given the opportunity to expand my catering business. Because of that, I had to move a lot of my stuff to my new shop. My business partner referred you guys. Seeing how you guys worked and treated my equipment, I can easily say that I'd love to get you guys again. Thanks Moving Company!

    P. Base

  • HouseRemovals moves really fast. I don't have to worry about them losing my stuff, for arriving at my place later than I need them. When they picked up my stuff, I asked them how long it would take for them to deliver them. They even arrived at my new place couple of hours earlier than expected! Thank God for HouseRemovals!

    J. Garrick

  • House Mover is a life saver! When I got accepted for college, I had to move a lot of stuff. My parents wanted to help, but I knew it'd be too much work for them. Good thing one of my friends told me about House Mover. When it was time to go, I just pointed at the stuff I needed, and they literally did all the work for me!

    O. Queen

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