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Relocation And Means Of Transportation

No matter how near or far you are moving, no matter if you want to hire a moving company or organize your relocation, there is one thing you cannot move without - a moving vehicle. Read the useful information on moving vehicles below, so you can make your mind easily.

Moving vans
A moving van is specially equipped for the purpose of relocation. These include fixing devices to hold the items in place during the ride and a hydraulic ramp or lift to easier loading and discharging. When loading a moving van you should follow some basic rules:
-the biggest and heaviest furniture is placed as far in as possible, and in the center between the side walls
-the smallest items are loaded near the sidewalls and fixed by belts, so they don't move around during the ride
-all the furniture pieces have to be loaded as tight as possible. Don't leave empty space between them, because they can displace during the ride
-measure the height of your furniture and ask about the height of the van in advance. It's better to use space entirely, so don't disassemble the furniture that can fit in.
Moving lorries
If you hire a moving company, then you will probably have a lorry at your disposal on moving day. There are different sizes of moving lorries, and the company will evaluate the space your belongings will take and send a proper-sized lorry. The loading of the lorry is done by the driver and the movers of the company, because there are some specific details about stacking and fixing the boxes and furniture pieces.

Furniture lorries
Moving companies usually have some furniture lorries. They are used specially for the transport of big furniture for long-distance relocation. Unlike the moving vans or moving lorries, the walls of the furniture lorries are holstered with soft cover, so the furniture is not damaged. In addition they have some furniture dollies. Those are devises put under the heavy furniture and used to roll it up the ramp and in the lorry, instead of carrying it.

The cheaper option for transportation during relocation, is not to hire a moving company to pack, load and transport the things, but to hire a van, drive it by yourself and have some friends help you load and discharge it. Most of the rent-a-car enterprises also offer vans to rent. With a regular driving license for a car you are allowed to drive an up to 12 tons van. Choose the van carefully and don't forget to cover the floor with an woolen cover to protect your furniture. While driving the van, take into account its bigger dimensions, lesser maneuverability and especially the large blind spot behind the driver and between the side mirrors.   

Rent-a-van company
A compromise variant between hiring a moving company and rent-a-van, is hiring a rent-a-van company. Those companies supply both a specialized van and a driver for it, but nothing else. You have to pack, load and discharge by yourself. This way you spare some money, and also safe yourself the nerves when driving a vehicle you have no experience with.

Those are some guidelines, consider them carefully and choose the right option for your case. Don't underestimate your abilities, but also don't overrate yourself.

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