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Top 7 Packing Tips Everyone Moving Should Know

We all know that moving can be downright nerve-wrecking for the vast majority of people. Unless you only have some clothes to pack and nothing else (and bear in mind that some clothes means one or two pieces of luggage’s worth of clothes, not an entire house full of them), you will most likely worry about being able to pack everything. Even more than that though, you will most likely worry about being able to pack everything in a way that keeps all your belongings safe and that allows you to unpack easy as well. Which are the top 7 (ultimate) packing tops all movers should know? Read on and find out more. 1.    Before you even jump to hiring a moving company or a man and van London, make sure you plan everything ahead. And by planning you should understand actually sitting down and writing about the things you are going to do and how you are going to “attack” the whole packing and removals task. 2.    Start early. Really, the sooner you can start this, the better it will be for everyone. Keep in mind that you should be smart about just how early you start and about the things you choose to pack first. You don’t want to pack all your things two weeks before the “deadline” and then realize that you haven’t left out enough clothes to dress up for work. 3.    Go shopping – not for clothes or electronics though, but for packing supplies. It is absolutely crucial that you get enough boxes and containers to pack all your belongings into. Yet, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. A lot of the moving companies out there offer a variety of boxes suitable for various items (such as boxes where you can simply hang your clothes and transport them like that). At the same time though, your local supermarket will most likely be able to provide you with a lot of empty boxes as well. If you want to, you can combine buying some special boxes from a removals company and supplementing these boxes with some you take from your supermarket. Oh, also, don’t forget about packing tape – it’s like magic when it comes to moving!4.    Pack everything according to room and purpose. That is, be organized. Make sure you pack all the hazardous items into one place and that you don’t mix them with anything else. Also, pack the things in a room at once and label the boxes with the room and the items that are in it (“Living Room – Books” and “Bedroom – Books” for example). This will make it much easier for you to unpack later on when you finally reach your destination. 5.    Give away all those things you don’t use anymore. There’s no point on packing, transporting and unpacking things you don’t use when someone else could make great use of these things. Donate them to charity, organize a garage sale, sell them on the Internet or give them away to friends who might need them. Also, keep in mind that the things you don’t use will still take a lot of space (and they will be quite heavy too) in the van you hire so you will have to pay for them if you want to transport them to the new house – so you will definitely be much better off without them. 6.    Don’t overdo it – as in, don’t overfill your boxes. You want to make sure they don’t break under the weight so keep them as empty as possible. 7.    Last, but definitely not least, don’t forget to not pack snacks, certain types of food that can be prepared quickly, some bed linens, some towels, eating utensils and other things you use on a daily basis. You will need them in the last days before moving and in the first days after moving as well.

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